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RE: Happy New Year From Curator Cat! And Welcome to the First Caturday of 2021!

in WORLD OF XPILAR9 months ago

Hi @curatorcat, it is nice to see you in @xpilar community and to see new cute photographs.

Our community is included into Community Support program and we can submit the posts for upvote by @booming accounts. One of the condition is Steem exclusive and not cross posting on other platform. We daily searching through the community blog. More info in this post:


Hello @stef1, and thank you for the information!

Normally, I would post in one of the cat communities, but I am looking for something new because those communities all seem to be more or less dead. The Xpilar community seems like one of the few truly global communities that's very active, so I thought I would try. All my posts are unique.