Art-Venture Magazine No. 373 and 5 Steem Giveaway to the selected Artists!

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No. 373



Hello my dear Steemians and Art Fans,


This is a project to support young artists of traditional Art and photography on Steem.




Welcome to our Sunday Magazine. Despite of having weekend we still looking through different tags and searching great works that in our opinion need a bit of more spotlight and support.

This time you can see that there are few wonderful works showing us the beauty of Women. That is one of the favourite theme for Artists, every single woman has her own beauty and luckily we are all different and none of woman look the same, of course, except twins.

As reminder, if you have posted your work only on Steem blockchain, it would be advisable to use #steemexclusive tag, we are nominating the Visual Art for @booming account support and you have chances to be seen by @steemcurator01, who on and off visiting this tag but also sometimes upvoting the posts from "World of Xpilar" community


Good luck and nice weekend!


Trenner groß.png


Today's selected Artist


Beacon of Inversion - Original Acrylic Painting by @artchristhomas





Trenner groß.png


Deep judgment: urban nature by @hectgranate





Trenner groß.png


Portrait. The World of XPILAR - B&W PHOTOGRAPHY AND ART CONTEST WEEK by @silviadiez





Trenner groß.png


The World of XPILAR - PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHY AND ART CONTEST #040 - _ Face against light by @betzaelcorvo





Trenner groß.png


Boat graveyard by @fashionphotos





Trenner groß.png


"Penumbra or" The fleshless self " /"Penumbra" o "El yo descarnado" by @camposart





Trenner groß.png


Smoking time - Pencil Drawing by @chakkara





Trenner groß.png


The World of XPILAR - B&W PHOTOGRAPHY AND ART CONTEST WEEK #066 - 20STEEM/14SBI in prizes! - Submissions post by





Trenner groß.png


Drawing a men with muscles by @sirapa





Trenner groß.png


Realistic Pencil Drawing of Ade with explanation by @unyimeetuk






Your contribution would greatly appreciated,Sincerely,

@stef1 and @myskye


Trenner groß.png





If you would like to delegate to the Art-Venture Project you can do so by clicking on the following links:

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our Supporters

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 last year 

Amazing selections you must have taken your time to pick most of these works. I really love the acrylic painting @artchristhomas and the realistic drawing @unyimeetuk nice selection @art-venture

Thank you!! :)

 last year 

Congratulations all, fantastic work. @artchristhomas I love that painting, it looks like it should be an album cover.

Thanks so much!! :)

 last year 

Fantástica selección.. Felicitaciones a todos los seleccionados.. Excelentes trabajos..

Nice portraits.

Muchas gracias @art-venture por seleccionar mi foto.

great works of art have a special and pleasant moment when you review the art view, there is a lot of talent here in steemit, thanks for your great work @ art-venture, greetings and success

50 Steem been transferred to selected Artists:


Waaoo @art-venture thanks..


Thanks a lot. Grateful for your support

Gracias @art-venture :). Me ha gustado la obra de @chakkara y @artchristhomas

i believe next contest i will be selected too

This art is so realistic

These pictures are different valuable things. @art-venture going successfully path ways. 💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟

¿¿Hola como esta?? Quisiera que me asesorara, es que publico y no tengo votos en mi publicacion que hago para recibir algo, he visto que hay publicaciones que tienen votaciones altas. Quisiera saber como lo lograr. Quiero aprender un poco

 last year 

Really great Drawings and photos! 😍😍

Fabulous selections. They've got great talents.

Congratulations to all.
And Thanks to you @art-venture that all those talents on steemit gets a big support from you.

Your post has been very nice. Such a quality post can be expected from respected people like you. The pictures and writing in your post are awesome. Anyone who sees and reads this post will be impressed. Especially touched my mind, I really fell in love with this post. I love your post. Thank you so much for posting like this ,,,,,

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