Art-Venture Magazine No.291

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Hello my dear Steemians and Art Fans,


This is a project to support young artists of traditional Art and photography on Steem.




We are back today with Saturday issue, new works, new and old users, different theme and styles.

We are glad to present this selection and to highlight some of the users to let you discover and probably long term support each other. We are happy to be able to be there and to showcase the work that we think deserve more visibility.

We are grateful to the Steemit Team with @steemcurator01 and @steemcurator02 who providing their support to Visual Art users. We have noticed that there are few users who did not post for some time now back and that is a positive sign.

Please let us know if there is any guidance you need, we are happy to help you and advise.


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For all Photographers we would like to remind that we are running “Halloween” contest with amazing prizes: 5 main and 4 honorable mentioning.




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Today's selected Artist


HAVE A CREEPY HALLOWEEN! by @nowargraffitis




We wanted to start with this amazing work that presented by @nowargraffitis and his friends, they working in large format and producing Street Art. Of course this time it is dedicated to Halloween, I am glad that he made few shots in order to include all the parts of the project because you can’t fit everything just on one. Look how well the contrast between light and shadow is done that made the light through pumpkin’s eyes to shine even lighter. That just indicates the great skills of Artist to fill the power of playing with contrast.


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Picture of chestnut trees by @stefano.massari




@stefano.massari is first time in our Magazine, he is one of the active user from team Italy. This time we could not miss the series of such beautiful and mysterious looking trees. I believe children would love to have a little walk there collecting chestnuts and wondering how this or that tree is looking like.


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The Spanish Princess by @sofiya-lis




@sofiya-lis beautiful watercolor portrait, gentle and light, well used the transparency of watercolor :)


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New drawing: Aina. by @gloriaolar




@gloriaolar with her beautiful portrait. As we always do we concentrate more on visual effect, but Gloria has written beautiful post to and explained what the portrait means. She called it Aina, that she explains as: “ Aina is a name giving to a baby that has its umbilical cord wrapped round it's neck while being born therefore making the birth difficult.” Thank you for this your post and beautiful portrait.*


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Protector I by @barbarabezina




@barbarabezina with such beautiful work, when I see it I can’t stop staring into the eyes and also that diamond on the forehead. Beautifully done!


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Old barn by @bambuka




@bambuka with the B&W picture of lonely barn. Those objects sometimes make us stop and think that there is so much that they have seen, old days, people and if they could speak that would be a real stories about the past.


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Harpy - Overpainting by @hadley4




@hadley4 with amazing digital art presenting his version of Harpy. Digital art could be simple but difficult too depending what you are doing it can give you a chance to discover amazing world of fantasy and to open those hidden skills in any Artist. Beautifully done!


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Portrait Drawing by


dweEPp.jpg presented his hyper realistic painting of Portrait, smooth blending to create such beautiful tint of face, as always amazing skills!


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Portrait Study 10-30-2020 by @rahulsingh




@rahulsingh first time in our magazine with such beautiful watercolor portrait. Rahul is from Manhattan and he is a watercolor Artist, who was inactive for last 2 years and now back, he has his own website that has the link to his Steem Page. Hopefully will see you more often here and please use #art-venture tag and you can join “world of xpilar”community.


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"Entre el espejo" by @anderson18




@anderson18 with beautiful drawing presented a figure and the play with mirror reflection. That is quite difficult way, because you have double so much work but attention has to be paid not only to original character but also to the reflection.



Your contribution would greatly appreciated,Sincerely,

@stef1 and @myskye


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If you would like to delegate to the Art-Venture Project you can do so by clicking on the following links:

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our Supporters

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Thanks for this selection.

We will do our best to vote on those selected - although we will concentrate our voting on the #steemexclusive posts.

 4 months ago 

Hi @steemcurator01,

Thank you for your feedback and support for the Artists. I remember we posted in the past a post that we also even marked in title "Steem exclusive" but those artists unfortunately were not voted that day. Therefore we did not know if the Steemit Team is just randomly visiting.

It would be great if we knew that those Steem Exclusive selection is going to be supported that would be great. We do not want to promise if that not going to happen. I hope you understand what I mean.

On other hand seeing the work of @nowargraffitis that brought me to the idea of advertisement of Steem as Street Art, especially he lives in Berlin, that is a heart of Europe with huge population and tourists but of course this is a huge work and I believe if you would like we can think about something like that but also about how to reward the Artist.

Let me know what you think , cheers @stef1

:O :O :O

I have no more words <3 ! Thank you so much for having me, watch my stuff, look at the details and see what i really do! is more than painting walls and canvas or whatever.

It is love, hard training, sleepless nights, having no money or even food, living on couches, also meet new people, get a lot of compliments and love, it is carry luggage, paint, backpacks full with spraypaints, climbing windows, its planing and taking care a lot, getting dirty and injured, getting busted, also learn how to video and cut, taking good pictures and learning, learning, learning, ...
Its EVERYTHING! Every minute, every second, every damn f***cking day!!! I LOVE THIS!

I m so happy for your support, for the very nice words and also i m very very happy you found this idea <3



edga - NOWARGraffitis


...i feel honored! Thats amazing and means a lot to me all the time. Very nice words and focus on my details. Thank you so much again!


You are welcome @nowargraffitis, it is our pleasure to have you among our Artworks. As always you keep surprising us :) some pretty nice projects in progress ;)


Thanks a lot!!! I love the B&W photo of @bambuka

Thank you @stefano.massari for your feedback, it is great that we all have different opinions and likes. The photo @bambuka is full of nostalgia :)

excellent works of art are all beautiful

Thank you for your nice words :)

Keep up the great work 👍🏾 here's a small tip @tipu curate

Thank you! ♥

Thank you so much. I feel so honored that my drawing was among the one selected.

Thank you very much, it is an honor that my work is among those selected, I will continue to strive to do better jobs