100% PowerUp to help the WorldOfXpilar community

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Hi friends, today I want to power up my account, but even if it's a little, I'm sure one day the results will be seen.honestly i am very inspired by these great and successful people in blockchain and in their respective fields especially like sir. @xpilar who has built such a large World Of Xpilar community, and @sultan-aceh who has always been an encouragement to us in the local community #aceh-team, I am also very inspired by the person who always does steem promos, namely Mr. @stephenkendal because of him, people can get to know this blockchain

But this is all I can do, which can only do a few power-ups, with enthusiasm and confidence, through power-ups, it will really help us to grow together, no matter how many power-ups we do, even a little. little by little, over time, I believe, we will grow bigger.

My very sincere hopes and aspirations to develop my steem strength and in the future I can give a meaningful voice in every quality post and want to help my colleagues who are members of the Aceh team under the auspices of the World Of Xpilar community ...

below I want to show some of my steps in doing power ups, friends can see it as follows.













I sincerely thank @sultan-aceh for working day and night in growing the local community #aceh-team, with the full challenges it faces and full of enthusiasm so that we can be independent and grow up with #aceh-team...

This is my post about power ups, and I would like to thank the steemians especially those who are members of the Community World Of Xpilar and I specifically convey to Mr. @Xpilar, @sultan-aceh who have given me a place to be here and all members the #aceh-team remains united and enthusiastic, we will grow together.

North Aceh, June 05, 2021


Best Regard;



Mil felicitaciones amigo. Aunque no comprendo muy bien lo de power up. Me gustaría aprender mas sobre esto. Gracias, Saludos.

muchas gracias amigo, el encendido es para aumentar el poder de la cuenta

Ok eso lo comprendo, Lo que no se es como hacerlo.

lo mismo que los pasos que he mostrado aquí

@sultan-aceh is always a support system to us. Also giving us newbies hope. God bless him tremendously

Yeah, thank you so much @steee 😊

Hai @adi.pisces

Thank you for doing Power Up Steem

aceh-team (2).png

Mod Community World of Xpilar

You're welcome 👌😊😊

I did not upvote you. So, I am removing my "vote" and I am giving you a downvote. I hope that is the first and last time that it will happen.

I did not upvote your post! I removed this 'vote' and I downvoted you. Please do not do it again.

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