My Weekly Selection, 82th Week. Community World Of Xpilar.

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Greetings Steeminian friends.

World Of Xpilar is a community led by the friend @xpilar, which is based on supporting original content of good quality, which has to do with art, literature, nature and animal photography, digital image design, stories and even contests.

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We continue with the Sunday edition of My Weekly Support, in which I support three high quality publications that have attracted my attention, but have not exceeded 3 dollars as a reward at the time of publication, this being the limit to be taken into account in my selection. This support is aimed at those who publish good quality content in the community World Of Xpilar.

The selected publications will allow their authors to receive by transfer a percentage of the reward generated by my publication, this reward will reflect my vote in Steem Power as support.

The publications selected for this week are as follows:

Selection 1:

Title: "Catedral Metropolitana de Barquisimeto."

Autor: @manuelgil64

Analysis: A publication where good pictures of the Metropolitan Cathedral of Barquisimeto, an imposing building ready for the parishioners, are shared..

Selection 2:

Title: "Catedral de Ciudad Bolívar."


Autor: @genomil

Analysis: Beautiful Cathedral of Ciudad Bolivar, an impeccable interior suitable to receive those who wish to experience the feeling of tranquility that is lived inside this sacred temple..

Selection 3:

Title: "San Isidro de pueblo llano."

Autor: @heribertor

Analysis: Excellent structure of this imposing temple that opens its doors for the parishioners of the agricultural population, I would like to know the name of this church. Good pictures.

In the 81th edition, a good extra incentive has been obtained for the authors @noregmcb, @to-tru and @yanna-car who showed excellent content during the week, and therefore, have been favored with 15% of the reward generated in the publication related to My Weekly Selection 81th Week

The 81th edition has generated the following reward:


As you can see, the extra reward for selected publications generates 2,032 SBD and $3,477 SP, equivalent to a net benefit of $16,64 in favor of each author. I hope the authors are satisfied with the benefit granted through "My Weekly Selection".

It is important to let you know, that my selection will be based on the following analysis.

Use the World Of Xpilar.

History publications with original content and good quality with a minimum of 100 words.

The publication must be exclusive to Steemit.

Own photographs of good quality with a minimum content of 50 words

Own digital images with a minimum of 50 words

Own freehand drawings with a minimum content of 50 words

Have less than $3.00 at the time of the publication draft.

This work is done to promote quality content within the community World Of Pilar, giving you an extra reward for your efforts. The transfer of the reward will be made when the award of this publication is paid, until the moment, this reward will be equivalent to 15% of Steem Power of the earnings that I have in this publication for each user related to my selection.

If you have a recommendation, you can write a comment to be analyzed and taken into consideration.

Support @xpilar.witness here

World Of Xpilar

Regalo del amigo @jhont-dg

Gracias amigo @adeljose por seleccionar mi trabajo, bien recibida tu gentileza y te felicito por tu gran proyecto, que no tiene otra cosa de apoyar a los miembros de la comunidad que ha pesar de presentar post con todas las exigencias, no reciben el apoyo en sus trabajos presentados, al igual que lo hace @xpilar con su proyecto wox-bestpick para ambos muchas gracias en pro del apoyo a todos los miembros de esta gran comunidad.

Felicitaciones a los seleccionados de esta edición. Gracias por mi recompensa, hoy la estaré sumando parte de la misma a mi encendido como parte del club5050.


Gracias amigo @adeljose por seleccionar mi post para incluirlo en el cuadro de honor.


 2 months ago 

Thank you so much @adeljose for the award you gave me. With this award I have built my steem power and now I am a little stronger, each time stronger and stronger.

Hola amigo, agradecida con este noble gesto de valorar nuestras publicaciones, mil gracias.
Saludos, te deseo mucho éxito en todos tus proyectos.

Saludos excelente amigo, están bellisimas, buen trabajo. Felicidades a los seleccionados mucho exito y Bendiciones!

Buen trabajo, excelente selección felicitaciones.

 2 months ago 

You have chosen really decent and high-quality photos!!! I support the content authors!!!

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