theneverendingcontest n° 140 S5-P8-I3 - Contest

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n° 140 S5-P8-I3 - Contest

This is:
fifth Week
eighth Period
third Iteration

The rules are here rules of third iteration.

The topic and situation are choosen by @serialfiller, winner of the previous week:

Stolen account

The weekly prize is:
5 Steem!

By participating you will automatically compete for the prizes
of period:
10 Steem!
of iteration fidelity:
50 Steem!
of iteration by score:
50 Steem!

The rules can be found here

Remember to:
• Upvote this weekly contest launch post
• Post one and only one story in Italian or in English or in any other language with an english translation, relating to the topic and context by 11.59 pm on Sunday July 18 2021
• Use as first tag #theneverendingcontest and also the tag #italygame
• Reply to this post by linking your post and specifying topic and context to use next week if your story wins

Editorial board of theneverendingcontest: @ilnegro

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