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Title:- MicroMigos NFT Collection Review
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Assalamu Alaikum,

Hello Friend, Hope everyone is well. I am also very good with your prayers and good house. You know I have been sharing many important posts about various NFT since long time. Everyone please pray that I can gift you such good posts. In my previous posts, I have tried to give you a lot of information about NFT Collection Marketplace. In this way, I will give you a lot of information about the NFT world through my posts. Today I will mainly talk about MicroMigos NFT and try to give a lot of information about it. So let's get to the main discussion.:-


Screenshots From opensea NFT Marketplace


This NFT collection is called Micromigos. These Micromigos NFT images look like small children But not a small child, NFTs looks very nice because of the animation. And Every industry looks similar but has its differences and he succeeded in his endeavours.I think these NFTs will become very popular in few days and the demand of these NFTs will increase a lot.

But I find these characters very professional and realistic. Due to which these NFTs are expected to become popular very easily. But if these NFTs are presented in a more 3D way, they will gain more popularity, each of the characters he shares in this NFT collection is amazing.

If we observe this NFT last one hour we can see that this NFT has increased selling, I wish these NFT images would have sold much more if they were in 3D, but many an NFT is very beautiful, hopefully it will become very popular in a few days, and its people will grow a lot.


Screenshots From

NFT Information:-


Screenshots From

ItemsCreatedCreator earningsChain
20KApr 20244%Base

MicroMigos This NFT collection has a volume of about 0.25 ETH in the last hour. It has increased by +156%. 92 items sold inlast hour and It has increased by +156%. Again, last hour Floor price 0.002 ETH.


Looking at this MicroMigos NFT in Last hour we can see its sales has increased a lot, and I think this NFT will become more popular in few days, and I hope this NFT will be more popular if the images of this NFT are in 3D format, In conclusion, this NFT is an amazing and very beautiful NFT, Thank you all Friends.


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Thank you so much for sharing with us so many unknown facts about MicroMigos NFT! go ahead

I have no idea about MicroMigos NFT. Actually I always try to learn about new things. Knowing about new things gives a lot of ideas. Thanks for sharing with us.

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