Daily Curation report of "Tron Fan Club" community : Date [07-04-24]

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Greetings to all members from "Tron Fan Club" community,

Here, we share "Tron Fan Club" community's curation report with everyone. We do our best to provide supports to every verified bloggers by curating theri quality posts. We take utmost care in keeping our curation transparent. In the following curation list you can find all the posts of "Tron Fan Club" community which are curated last 24 hours. All the posts are moderated by community moderators and curators.

This following posts were moderated & curated by community moderators @veigo, @labib2000, @engrsayful & @sagor1233. All the posts were checked for plagiarism, spams & copyright infringement.

Curation has been completed in a total of 22 posts from @tron-fan-club on 2024-04-07 To 2024-04-08. Below is a list of This--

Serial NoUser idPosts LinkVoting %
1@zamilgdAG Special Edition NFT || Tron Fan Club40%
2@veigoBlockchain and web3 gaming industry revolution60%
3@shabab7Reviewing a game name Burrito Bison. || 10% to @tron-fan-club ||25%
4@hanif6494Friendship Bracelets by Alexis André NFT Collection25%
5@tasonyaNFT-ART : premium Victor art25%
6@ebrahim2021The Potatoz NFT Review ./ Part 01 .25%
7@sadia7NFT-ART: beautiful woman art25%
8@nevlu123Scary Clown Face art.10% for tfc25%
9@bdwomenNFT-ART : Scary tiger art25%
10@zamilgdMocaverse NFT || Tron Fan Club25%
11@razuan12NFT ART||The ghost nft||Tron Fan Club 🌺🌺🥰15%
12@narocky71🅽🅵🆃-🅰🆁🆃 : Mushroom art15%
13@bijoy1Flower Abstract NFT ART || 10% ☞☞☞ tron-fan-club15%
14@jannat7NFT-ART : Mosque art in snails15%
15@favriteNinja Dash mobile game review15%
16@rimon03🅽🅵🆃-🅰🆁🆃 :- A beautiful friendship between two birds.15%
17@rasmaAngry devil nft art. 10% for tfc15%
18@saravanan-nTop five crypto currency and new crypto currency in crypto market| by @saravanan15%
19@sadek1How to solve the Bitcoin energy consumption problem15%
20@sagor1233Tron Fan Club || Weekly Most Featured Post on NFT || ( 26-03-2024 to 01-04-2024 )60%
21@labib2000Weekly Top 5 Featured Post || 20/03/24 - 26/03/24 || Tron Fan Club60%
22@engrsayfulParticipation to TRX Staking Initiative: Week 14 of 2024 (20 TRX Stake) | Total TP: 632060%




checked some posts curated by TFC and I can say great selections.

Really delight to see this report each time as it affords ome the opportunity to go through the community curation and get detailed information on it

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