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Hello everyone,

I am @saravanan-n from Ariyalur, Tamil Nadu, Indian. This post is about #Tron stacking and voting. Today I have completed my tron stacking by 10 TRX stacked and voted to 3 SRs, Now, I will share you all what are the steps for TRX stacking with my own screenshots.


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First of all I had open the app and it will shows the total amount of TRX which is in your account. I am having a small amount of TRX in my account. I start stacking that I had click vote.


App interface


It will show you that how many TRX you have stacked and also TRX available to stack. Then I had click on the stack which is next to the available TRX. After that it will show two types of stacking. The first one is energy and another one is bandwidth you can decide to stack the TRX in either of these two.


Energy type stacking


Here I have chosen the another one of Bandwidth because I need more amount of bandwidth it will be used as fee for all the transaction in this tronprolink. So I have chosen Bandwidth. After selecting the stacking path. Then I had click next step which is shown at the bottom of the screen.


Bandwidth type stacking


This will go to the next step of contract, where we stacking the TRX, it will show in words that it cannot be get back in between 72 hours which means three days. After this confirmation, it will show you that how much amount bandwidth is required for TRX staking, and then I had click confirm at the bottom of the screen.


confirm Transaction


After clicking confirm, it will ask you a security password to complete the stacking of TRX. After entering the password. I had click on confirm. That's all. Now I had successfully completed the TRX stacking. .


successfully stacked


Thanks to all of you


Tron scan link for stocking

My previous five TRX stacking.


Upvoted! Thank you for supporting witness @jswit.

TRX Friday initiative, really a very good event, I will try to join later.

Thanks. Our community is always welcome you.

You staked 10 TRX. Good plan and go ahead.


Good to see you have stake this amount of trx, nice to see you haven't given up in this fine endeavor

Thank you so much

Good to see you have stacked 10 trx. This is a very good step. This is likely to increase the price of trx in the future.

Your welcome

You have given a very nice explanation about trx. This is very important for us as it is becoming more popular day by day thanks to you. Such a nice post to share in our morning.

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