OMNI Listed on Binance spot Exchange

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Farming for the Omni project is over already and today is the day when this coin is listed on a spot market. It is one of the coins that was listed for $50 price and it also increased up to $55 but the current price is approximately thirty dollars which is a big dump on the price. I participated in farming and I usually do because it is a good opportunity for anyone to be part of such projects and earn some free tokens.

Generally, I sell all the tokens after listing but there have been a few projects that grew nicely after I sold off so this time I tried to follow a different strategy. Seems like my strategy is not right because I did not sell my coin at a high price and now it is almost fifty per cent down at its high price. Although I did sell some which are fifty per cent of my holding it was also not sold at a better price and now I am keeping the remaining fifty per cent to see if there is a significant improvement in the price and I can sell it at a higher price.



My strategy was not good and I have taken the wrong decision I can say that going forward I will not hold any coin and will stick to my previous strategy. Earlier I never held any coin and justice after the listing I sold off and booked the profit and I will be following the same strategy in future also because I do not think I should hold my coin because it is not giving me any value.

I think that it happens sometimes when certain strategies don't work the way I like and today is the same day when it did not work in my favour however all I can say is that the token price was very good in the market. This is the first project I have seen with such a higher price listing on the exchange so I anticipate that the project is solid and maybe in future the token value will grow but not sure how much time is it going to take anyways the Bitcoin price is also going down similar momentum can be seen here as well.

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Don't Worry friend, may be sometimes fluctuations will happen, I hope next time your strategy will succeed. Wish you great success.

I saw the price of the coin is very high. I don't know why. I think this coin will go down further. At this time, investing becomes risky.

Great to hear that OMNI has been added to Binance Exchange. Although I have very little idea about this coin. But it's nice to know more about this subject through you.

this is common in crypto friends and you should worry about that instead of this, you have to learn from your mistake. Crypto means everyday learning. wishing you for the better profit in the next project

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