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Greetings everyone. Let's hope everyone is doing well and having a good time. I'm doing pretty well alhamdulillah.

The world of gaming is slowly engaging towards crypto games and more and more blockchain related games are getting published or are in production. But often it feels like that something is holding this whole sector back. One of the major setbacks of such games is the budget. Most of the crypto games don't have the budget to make the game more polished in terms of graphics and gameplay. Another reason could be that most of the blockchain games are quite complicated for someone who isn't very familiar with this whole blockchain gaming segment. There are quite a large number of players who doesn't continue their crypto gaming journey after a while because most of them quite didn't understand the gameplay of such games or the user Interface didn't made much sense to them.

Because if you compare between normal games or popular AAA games to crypto games, blockchain games falls short in terms of gameplay and visuals. And like I said before most crypto gaming studios don't have the budget or the resources required to compete on the same level as normal games. But what they can do is make the user interface of their games more simpler and user friendly. Because it doesn't matter how good or bad the game is if the game is paying back for you investing your time in it. Most people will still play the game even if the game isn't very fun. They will still play it if they get something in return of playing that particular game.

Many blockchain games are still evolving but the quality improvement will take time because of budget and resources limitation. However, simplifying the user interface and offering rewards can indeed enhance the appeal of crypto games, attracting players who value incentives and rewards. As blockchain technology continues to advance and more resources become available, we may see an improvement in the quality and diversity of gameplay experiences offered by crypto games. If the user interface of a game more simplified, more and more players will come and try out the game.

These are my thoughts about this topic. Feel free to share yours in the comments. Until we meet again.



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I agree with you lately, I can see that the gaming world is slowly getting attracted to crypto games and more and more blockchain related games are being published or produced, hopefully Crypto Game users will be hooked soon!

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I agree with you that there is difference between the traditional games and blockchain games where the cryptogames are little bit complicated in most of the cases.. I certainly share the same thought that these game should be made simplified so that a bigger audience can be part of such games as it will be taking much time for them to get familiar with the gaming environment.

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