Tron Proprietor Justin Sun Unveils Ultimate Recipe For Crypto Market Explode!

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The name Justin Sun is well known to us as the founder of Tron Blockchain. Recently he shared his insights on his Twitter account and current X account through a tweet. He shares his views there as well as what he believes can help take the broader crypto ecosystem to the next level. As many of you may know, he commented on trends observed at the TOKEN2049 event currently taking place on the X platform in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

We all know that the current situation in the market can start a bull market at any time. With that, the price of Bitcoin is expected to easily surpass one hundred thousand dollars. So long term trading will be more profitable than short term trading. And Sun expressed his opinion about this. He said that these trading platforms should focus on long-term growth rather than short-term for exchange evolution. He also opined that it is also imperative that crypto exchanges work with regulators and customers to create a gold standard. And if that is possible, it will surely be beneficial for all the industry stakeholders.



We know cryptos are notorious for volatility. And behind this instability there is some contribution of the US Securities and Exchange Commission who are trying to regulate this industry in different ways. We have even seen that there has been a lot of tension around the crypto ecosystem for some time. Because one thing we must admit is that it has to do with the relationship between the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the ecosystem's top trading platforms. Because we saw last year the allegations and various lawsuits and fines brought against the popular exchange site Binance and its former CEO. Not only Binance Exchange but also Coinbase Global Inc. And as far as KuCoin, the SEC has filed a variety of lawsuits against these companies in recent times

Another point is that although the SEC's regulatory crackdown has recently descended on decentralized exchanges like Uniswap. We see many people acting on this matter that how the US Securities and Exchange Commission is filing various lawsuits or trying to regulate various exchange sites or digital currencies in the name of regulation. All these lawsuits or the leaders of these exchanges like Uniswap are struggling with a lot of resources However, Tron founder Justin Sun believes that such a regulatory battle may not last long and may not be fruitful in the long term.

Even industry leaders who currently have a regulatory-compliance drive have been clamoring for a proper crypto regulatory framework for some time. Despite such claims, they have yet another major standoff with regulators. However, no matter how much discussion or criticism, the chair of the US Securities and Exchange Commission is steadfast. They are adamant about their and existing laws that apply to crypto. Moreover, we have seen Coinbase drag the regulator to court for failure to issue the necessary directives.


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I had no idea about this information before, I learned new things today from your post and at the same time I think sun's idea is absolutely correct. Anyway, I don't want to go any further, I really enjoyed reading your post, thank you

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Wow nicely explained about it.i had no idea about. Now knowing something. Thank you.

Nice to know you learned something new from my post , thank you.

wow this information is very important! I did not know anything about this information before, thank you very much for sharing such important information with us!

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