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Hello my all friends,

How are you all, I hope you are well. By the grace of God, I am also well. Today I am here with a new blog. I have been learning art for several days. I used to prefer doing art in the book before. Now I learned to do digital art. If I still can't do art perfectly. As much as I am trying to do. So I thought to create a new NFT. I love to learn new things. I think I will constantly create new art and share it with you. I made a beautiful piece of art today. Hope you like my art today.



• Infinite Design App

Details :

  • First I drew a mirror very nicely.


  • Then I painted the inside of the mirror beautifully.


  • Then I drew two big and small jilap.


  • Then I drew a big tree on one side and a tree on the other side.


  • Then I put leaves in the tree. Then I drew another tree. Then I made the background sky with some birds.


finale output :


The Concept Of My Art:-

I always love to learn new things. And I love creating new art. I want to present my art to you on this platform. It's great to present my work on this platform. I like to learn new things. Likewise, I like to learn new art designs myself. Today I bring you a new art. I made it today.

I minted this art in the largest nft market place OPENSEA, recently.


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Stunning art! Your new NFT is so inspiring. Inspired by your wisdom and technique, beautifully shared. Congratulations.

The sight of flying birds is amazing. Very nice art.

You have created a beautiful scene with trees, animals and birds.

It looks like a natural scene in the mirror!I really liked your NFT Design today

It was great art today. I always admire your art. It was nice to see your art today.

The color combination of your art today is so great. I am fascinated by your art. I like it very much. Thanks for sharing with us.

Very nice and perfect art scene you have done.

This is really different type of art. I really appriciate to your art. Your beautiful art scene is looking very beautiful. The colour combination of your art is looking good. Thanks for sharing.

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