Apple knight mobile game review

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Good day to you all and welcome to my game review for today, I will be doing a review today on apple knight a mobile game which is available on google playstore for all android users.


In-game screenshot

Well this game as of 2020 that's 4 years ago that was when it was made available on google playstore and a year before 2019 it was already available on apple play store limitless actually took credit for the game production and it's an action game too one for all to enjoy.

Well for those who enjoys action game apple knight offers that, quite smooth game with good control which means one who know what they are doing would know how to navigate their way so I believe if one possess the skill they find the game quite enjoyable.


In-game screenshot

This game is quite good and one can change their skin, that's their appearance or skin and depending on the purchasing power you can acquire a much more advanced armour which will help protect a soldier better in the in-game action, you can also choose to upgrade your weapons, ofcourse when the game starts their is a standard free weapon afforded to everyone, but you can easily upgrade your weapons ranging from different axes and sword.


In-game screenshot

Well the graphics of the game isn't that bad at all, though 2D game platform and the gameplay is quite an engaging one, and in such way that we are able to get involved in the story, the journey is such that the player is on a quest to rescue his kingdom from evil forces that plagues it, so its up to the player to use the controls to better navigate the knight to accomplish his mission, indeed this is quite a nice platformer games.


In-game screenshot

There are levels to the game and each with its design and theme and this helps add life to the gaming experience and help to keep it fresh at all levels, the visuals are quite detailed and vibrant as well making it clear, with the ability to choose from a lot of special abilities which requires in-game purchase.



In-game screenshot

Great gaming experience this is what apple knight mobile game offers.


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This Apple knight game you review looks very promising. I would also like to try this game. Thanks for sharing this beautiful game review.

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Sure thing, always a pleasure

It was very nice to see the screenshots of Apple Night mobile game, it seems like a professional quality game

The features of this game look very interesting and it seems that this game will be really enjoyable. Thank you for the nice review.

Yep really it's nice trying out.

Apple knight is a very beautiful game. I also played this game many times. I like it very much. But I think this game will be much better if it comes with Blockchain technology.

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Yea the idea of playing to earn like every blockchain game is wonderful prospect, if only it will be implemented in all games

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