Kali Van Kush: 800 Bars of Soap, Opening Soon

in Punic Wax5 months ago (edited)


This isn't all of them in the picture, but we now have about 800 Bars of Soap, which we will list for Sale on Etsy, here, etc.

We are designing Kali's Business Cards now, so people can find her, and we will be running ads (and suing Facebook for setting us back so far on that now), once we have the Business Cards, Boxes and a Mail Printer, we will start listing everything. By then we will have a variety of good pictures of everything, as well as the Magical properties of the Ingredients, as well as blurbs from research articles about the Ingredients.

As we do that, we will post the Soaps here to create a Crypto Soaping Community. We wil have a giant catelog of Soaps, Oils and other Magical Mixtures all right here.


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