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Respected Steemit Team,

This is @cryptokraze, founder of the community Steem Infinity Zone and we are writing November Application for the community support program through this post by our community official account @siz-official.

We are covering each element in our application required for the support program and providing comprehensive information about our community. We are very thankful to @steemitblog team for this wonderful initiative.


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Community Purpose

Steem Infinity Zone is established with the Vision “To Educate and Empower People on Steemit without Limits”

We have clear purpose to keep the focus on educational content in IT/Tech category. By doing so, we have streamlined the community content purely on IT/Tech based content through Tutorials and SIZ Approved Courses where members are provided valuable content and skills for free. The details of our guidelines about community Content Focus can be read in below post.

Focusing on Community Content by Educating through IT/Tech Tutorials & Courses

Keeping the community content according to our purpose was a hard task because people just start to post random stuff but our team has made sure to inform all the new members about the guidelines of posting in Steem Infinity Zone which has resulted in keeping the content focused on IT/Tech category.

Uniqueness of Community

SIZ is unique because it is based on adding value to people life by educating them with different educational tutorials and SIZ Approved Courses in IT/Tech category. It is a platform for both trainers and students to showcase their individual talents that will empower the community.

SIZ is also unique in the sense that the founder of the community is using all his rewards to grow the community and support community members. In addition, founder has reached 11,600 SP in his personal account and 95% of the steem power is delegated to community account.

SIZ Approved courses is the unique concept where we have provided members of the community to educate everyone in field of IT and Technology. We have set the filter of approval so that everyone gets through proper channel and not start posting random stuff.

Why People Should Join SIZ ?

By joining Steem Infinity Zone, You will learn some valuable and lifelong skills that will literally add value to your life.

  • SIZ is providing Steem education on Local level that will enable many to change their life.

  • SIZ is providing valuable tutorials and courses in IT/Tech field that are approved by community management and they will definitely help you learn something valuable because this era is all about IT and Technology.

  • SIZ is providing a platform to everyone for showcasing their individual talents in different fields and support every valuable content creator.

  • By joining SIZ, you will get a chance to learn new skills or upgrade your current skills that will ultimately add value to give you “A Better Life”

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Commitment to #Club5050

Steemit team has started new initiative of #club5050 and SIZ management has shown commitment toward this initiative from day 01. All Staff (Admin and Moderators of SIZ) have committed to #club5050.

We have provided detailed guidelines about Club5050. How it works and how members can join Club5050 can be seen in this guideline post.

Steemit New Initiative Club5050 | Guidelines to be Part of the Club

We have made developments regarding Club5050 and keeping a list of Active club members and we are updating it regularly. We are encouraging all the members to join the club and promote power up culture. So far, 50 members have joined Club5050 through SIZ platform.

List Of Active Club 5050 Members in SIZ

We have announced Special Support for SIZ members who will be joining Club5050. SIZ will provide Liquid Steem rewards, chances to be selected in Best Picks, Upvotes from Official account. This step is taken to encourage all the members for joining Club5050 and showing community commitment to this initiative.

SIZ Development and Special Support for Club 5050 Members

We hope out efforts and commitment towards Club5050 will be noticed and appreciated by Steemit team. We will continue to make more developments regarding Club so all community members follow this culture.

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Community Team

We have added 01 more moderator in our team in month of October due to increased content in community and to help us checking every post for plagiarism.

Steem Infinity Zone has the following team members that are playing their roles. The community staff team is capable of covering English, Urdu and Hindi Languages.

1 - @cryptokraze (Admin) from Pakistan
He is the founder of SIZ and all the developments and projects are being led by him. He is also managing the SIZ Promo contest called "Refer A Friend" which is going successful.

2 - @vvarishayy (Mod) from Pakistan
She is also Country representative of Pakistan and doing moderator role in SIZ. She is handling members inquiries about Newcomers achievement tasks and contests in SIZ. Community Top Picks task is currently delegated to her.

3 - @suboohi (Mod) from Pakistan
She is handling most of the contests being organized in SIZ and handling most of the community engagement through comments and replying to members posts.

4 - @ashkhan (Mod) from Pakistan
She is checking all new posts in community on daily basis and making a report on plagiarism. If there are posts violating community plagiarism guidelines, action is being taken.

5 - @faran-nabeel (Mod) from Pakistan
He is handling the engagement in community and making sure to have comments on all the post.

6 - @qasimwaqar (Mod) from Pakistan
He is basically the investor and sponsor of SIZ and providing resources for different project and community support when needed.

7 - @siz-official (Mod) Community Account
This is our community official account that is used for curating members and post community updates.

8- @endingplagiarism (Mod)
We have collaborated with endingplagiarism to cope with the plagiarism offenders and keep the community free from plagiarism offenders.


Rewards for Moderators

Currently, we are continue providing a reward of 100 steem per month to our senior moderators (@vvarishayy and @suboohi) who are handling and managing the contest for their time and efforts. While junior moderators are getting 50 Steem per month as salary. In addition, we allow moderators to post their own content and courses so they have chance of getting curation by steemit team.

Contingency Plan

SIZ has already made its contingency plan in case main admin decides to leave the community or we lost our keys.

  • The accounts keys are stored at 3 different places including hardware devices, paper storage and cloud storage. The details are shared with 3 moderators.
  • In case, @cryptokraze decides to leave the community, the power will be shifted to @vvarishayy (Country Representative of Pakistan) who can handle the community in an effective manner.

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Community Curation Account @siz-official

  • Our community curation account is @siz-official that is being used to curate members posts.

  • The curation account has total effective Steem Power 50,028. The community account own SP has been increased from 15,556 to 20,814 which is a significant increase of 33.80% from last month. There is 29,214 steem power which is delegated to the community by 89 generous delegators.

  • The founder @cryptokraze has been delegating most of his Steem Power (95%) to community curation account to grow it (currently delegated 11,000 SP to @siz-official)


  • All the rewards received in form of SBD are being converted into steem and turned in to steem power. We have not withdrawn a single steem from the community account so far. Delegation rewards and contests prizes are transferred through community official Grand Rewards Pool (@siz-rewards) which is used to transfer rewards.

  • The curation account access is given to 2 other moderators (@vvarishayy and @suboohi) who are handling the contests so they can vote on contests entries and other good posts in community.

  • Voting CSI score for curation account is 14.1 according the Steemworld data as shown in below picture. We are not self voting and this is indicated by 0% self vote on steemworld data base. We will always use the curation account to vote on members posts.


  • Although we faced reduction of 10,000 SP when one of our delegator removed his delegation due to unknown reasons but we have still managed to bring our Steem Power back to 50,000 which means SIZ has added 15,000 SP in this month.

  • We have grown our SP significantly this month by powering up and receiving more delegations and doing voting on all the posts. If some posts got skipped that might be due to extra load but we check the payout section of community posts so any post reaching payout deadline will get voting. We can say that almost 100% of the posts in community are getting voted by curation account.

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Plagiarism and Abuse

  • We have made Guidelines for Plagiarism and Warning system for the offenders. This will clear things to every member that Plagiarism has no place in SIZ community. The detailed guidelines can be read in this post Community Guidelines for Plagiarism and Warning System

  • We have already made collaboration with @endingplagiarism to deal with plagiarism so that it can be done more effectively. In addition, @cryptokraze @vvarishayy and @suboohi are checking posts for plagiarism.

  • To check the account originality, we already have country representative @vvarishayy in our team who is doing this effectively.

  • We have delegated the task of plagiarism checking to one of our moderator @ashkhan who is doing excellent job in checking 100% of the posts in the community and taking appropriate actions if there are any violations.

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Engagement and Commenting

We have added 01 moderator @faran-nabeel who is delegated the task of making sure that all the posts got comments from official account of moderator account and he is doing excellent job.

We are commenting on all the posts and we will continue to comment on all of the posts through our official account and admin/moderator team accounts.


As you can see we have 2,976 subscribers and 230+ active members right now, We have been successful in increasing the number of active posters this month by supporting them and doing other promotions, and encouraging the members. Many contests have been arranged to increase the activity.

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Plans and Updates

Now, all of the community plans and development updates are being posted by the community account @siz-official and some of them are posted by Community Leaders.

Steem Infinity Zone has a long term plan moving forward and some of the points in our long term plans are listed below;

  • Implement #club5050 for all members
  • Promoting Steemit outside through colleges and universities
  • Growing the Community Official Account to 100k SP
  • Adding more SIZ Approved Courses in IT/Tech category
  • Mutual Collaboration Projects with Steem SkillShare Community
  • Expand the SIZ Projects (Investment Plans, SIZ Exchange and SIZ Rewards)
  • Starting SIZ Charity to support the needy
  • Making the Community Self Sustainable Eventually

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Promotion Strategy

  • We have started a new contest called "Refer A Friend" which is to bring people on steemit and specially to our community SIZ and we have kept 500 Steem budget to run this contest.

  • The contest has been successful in promotion of the community and 300+ members have joined us so far and we have distributed 306 Steem till date

  • We will be providing small finances to the members so that they can do promotions effectively, specially outside steemit like universities and colleges.

  • SIZ community has its own promotional assets that will be provided for public use. This will help in making SIZ community brand spread out in a better way. The details of all the assets were shared in this post Steem Infinity Zone Assets


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Collaboration with Steem Skillshare Community

Steem Infinity Zone and Steem SkillShare communities have done official collaboration to provide more support to our Community members, to promote Steemit as a learning platform and to increase our Communities growth. This collaboration is an effort to make steem ecosystem even better.

We have done Mutual Collaboration Events where Skillshare community has done promotion to Instagram while SIZ has done promotion on Facebook platform through Mutual Contests.

Official Collaboration of Steem Infinity Zone and Steem SkillShare

Promote us on Facebook | Steem Infinity Zone and Steem Skillshare

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Special Features of SIZ

We would like to mention special features of our community Steem Infinity Zone that are not present in any other community on Steemit.

Special Support for Club5050 Members
All the members who had joined #club5050 through SIZ platform and powered up 50 or more steem will receive a special gift of 5 Steem to their wallets. Club 5050 member who have given delegation to SIZ will have great chances of getting their posts selected in Best Picks.

SIZ Approved Demand Driven Courses
The main objective of these demand driven courses is to streamline the content in the community. In this way, members will post content that will be approved by community management. It will keep the community focused on educational content in IT/Tech category and remove all the random stuff.

Steem Investment Plan
The main objective is to bring investments to Steem ecosystem from outside by providing better returns to investors. We want people to keep Steem within the system instead of withdrawing so we encourage everyone to be part of this plan and get great returns on their Steem investments. You can get 60% Profit annually on your investments with SIZ.

SIZ Rewards
We have launched SIZ Rewards (@siz-rewards), which is community's official grand rewards pool. SIZ management and other generous donors can support this by sending donations that will be used to support community members.

SIZ Delegation Reward System
We have invited delegators to support SIZ community by delegating their Steem Power to the community official account (@siz-official) and get upto 200% curation rewards which is the best offer among Steemit communities.

SIZ Exchange
We have launched this project (@siz-exchange) to support community members by providing local currency in exchange of their Steem and SBD. This is a non-profit Service and resources received in SIZ Exchange will be utilized to power up or support SIZ Projects for the growth of community. We have provided exchange service for 7,512 STEEM and 806 SBD till now.

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Improvements Shown by SIZ

We understand that support was given to communities so that they can show improvements. We are mentioning about the improvements that are done by SIZ community since we got Support.

Club5050 Commitment

We have shown full commitment to #club5050 initiative started by steemit team. All the Admin team is following it and 50 members have already joined the club. Guidelines and Special Support for Club5050 have been posted in the community so that member can join the club easily.

Focus on Content

We have achieved focus of community content to IT and Technology category. We have instructed the members to post only Educational Tutorials and SIZ approved Courses. The community is looking significantly improved from last month in terms of content.

Removal of Repetitive and Random Content

One of the observation was random and repetitive content in SIZ. So, we have removed cooking recipes, diary games and all random topic posts from the community. This has significantly improved community outlook and purpose that is based on educating and empowering people through IT/Tech Tutorials and courses.

Improvement in Effective Steem Power

We have increased 33.80% of our community steem power taking it to 20,814 and have taken our community total effective steem power to 50,028 SP now which is a significant improvement.

International Members Participation

We have increased International members subscription and participation in the community by organizing contest (Refer A Friend) to encourage other countries people joining and posting in SIZ. We will continue to do this to attract more people from other countries.

Posting Guidelines to Get Support

We have provided separate guidelines to community members if they want to get voting support. This has significantly improved the quality of the content in community.

Guidelines for Plagiarism and Warning System

We have implemented the Plagiarism Warning System and provided guidelines to the community members so that they can avoid posting plagiarized content.

Voting from Official Account

We have done voting on almost 100% of the posts this month and we will keep voting all of the good posts in this community.

Commenting and Engagement

We have maintained commenting activity by community leaders to all posts in this month. At the same time, we have dedicated 01 moderator to make sure all posts get comments.

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Why SIZ should Get the Support?

We have improved many things since last month that is shared above and we believe in continuous improvement to make a better ecosystem.

SIZ has shown full commitment to implement #club5050 in the community and members have responded well. SIZ will make sure that all the members will join Club5050 and we will make sure that only those members will get support that are in the club5050.

SIZ community members are making more efforts to provide educational content specially SIZ approved courses. Their efforts should be recognized through the voting support. In this way, we will get more members starting valuable tutorials and courses globally through our collaboration with Steem Skillshare community and it will ultimately help achieve the community main goal that is to empower the people to learn some great skills that will help them in their life.

Since, the community have started, the founder @cryptokraze has used all his steemit rewards to grow the community and support the members through contests and other support programs. We have not withdrawn a single steem since this community is started and @cryptokraze has used his personal resources to run various SIZ Projects.

SIZ has always encourages #steemexclusive content in our community and we will not allow cross posting in our community.

Lastly, we assure steemit team that we will not use any kind support for our personal gains. All the support received will be used to grow the community and support the hardworking members as you might have observed from our September activities.

The main objective of Steem Infinity Zone is to empower people and we need your support to make a positive impact on lives of many because 1 small vote can worth huge for some student who is struggling to manage his study expenses or a housewife who is finding it hard to manage expenses of her children.

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Steem Infinity Zone
A community to Educate and Empower Poeple without Limits


Good Post and very well efforts for SIZ community sir @cryptokraze. We will definitely get November support.
Best wishes to our community!

 last year 
Best of luck SIZ for Application..... Inshallah we will do get support of steemit team for November.

Your application is very well detailed and very informative about your community.
Our community is very good and i love working on our community because i got a lot information from our community.

Steem Infinity Zone is the best way to share our knowledge and learn about more knowledge.

Best of luck SIZ my. Best wishes for our community.


Discord : farannabeel#8111

 last year 

Best of luck team @siz-official. Our community has a different and out spoken perspective. I am hopefull for the next month support.

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Best of Luck Team @siz-official, Doing really good job,

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inshaAllah our community will get support for November and you are doing best for this community @cryptokraze and our community is best to make positive impact on the lives of people.

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Best of luck my sir for november I hope we will win.

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Siz is amazing community at all
Always stand with members
Working very hard
Really deserve support

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Perfect Good luck SteeminfinityZone.....!!!!
Mashallah delivering very good and remarkable.

Hopeful for support

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Steem infinity zone

A community or a learning plateform where you can learn about technology and IT related stuff and can polish yours skills with experts.
SIZ staff And SIz admin always do very perfect and professional way and analyzed each post.
I'm much hopeful for November month support.
Wishing you very very good luck 🤞🤞

 last year 

Always i am thankful siz admin @Cryptokraze who's start this community, he is very supportive and understanding each member nature He always does above the expectations, and we know its very purposeful community. siz having great vision that

Educate every one

Like siz made the education boundary less.
Good luck and keep doing your best.
We all are with SiZ 😊

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Best of luck @siz-official inshallah siz get November support best community best work on steemit siz share learning concept

Best of luck for Siz November application.Siz is My favorite community where we can explain our knowledge and share our skills.It is totally Base on IT knowledge that is very demand driven in every field.Information Technology knowledge will help to enhance our employment opportunities.Its admin sir @cryptokraze is a very motivated person and very great leader

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SIZ doing very good job. In the support of members. And also in building of block chain.
I'm really thankful to siz. Form here i learned many things.

I hope siz achieve this.

My best wishes with you siz.

Long lives SIZ.
Love SIZ.



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Inshallah community get support.besy of luck 👍👍👍

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Surely the hard work won't go in vain. I'm hoping for the best and my prayers are with SIz community.

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SIZ is one of the great community on this platform. With your great efforts sir @cryptokraze SIZ community will get support for November.
Best wishes to SIZ!

inshaAllah our community will get support for November and you are doing best for this community @cryptokraze and our community is best to make positive impact .This awesome community Give meny type's of information

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My best wishes with the community
I have find this community one of the best on this platform
Siz is going very well special i like the struggle and hardwork of admin of community @cryptokraze who Always support the members and motivated him
I really love the working on this community
Our community will get support insha'Allah because it has deserve it

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SIZ doing perfectly Mashallah.....!!
i am hoping siz will get awesome support and will again encourage us. 💥💫 SIz is great plateform where we can share our knowledge and can learn as well. 😍😍☺
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My best wishes with SIZ

SIZ purpose is very well so that all subscribers learn a lot of skills and knowledge. One of the great thing is that SIZ collaborates with steem Skillshare. Because the steem Skillshare community name shows that in which all members share there skills. So i hope steemit team doesn't ignore this community for November support. My best wishes with Steem Infinity Zone.

Regards : @ahsansharif

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Best of luck Siz for application.InshaAllah our community will get support for November.Siz is going very well special i like the struggle and hardwork of admin of community @cryptokraze who always support the members and motivated him.I really love the working on this community

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SIZ is having great motive and purpose and everyone is doing great and learning alot.There is intense hard work of each siz staff and team work and InSha Allah Soon we will get support this month as well

Inshallah sir @cryptokraze We will get support with your great and continuously efforts towards SIZ . Our community have a talented members and have a great potential in steemit that's why we will definitely get November support.
Best wishes for SIZ!

 last year 

Insha Allah we will get support this month as we get last month. Our efforts will get its reward in the form of curators support and by our selection in the top communities. Best wishes are with my best community siz.

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Have a nice day and sincerely yours,

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I've learned so many new things from this community, infact you have said it all, may Steemitblog consider this application suitable and give this educational community a necessary support.

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Best of luck SIZ i really appreciate your work because you make a very informative post and i really like your post and community.

 last year 

First of all I would like to say thanks to @siz-official and @cryptokraze for always gave us great guidelines that how can we improve our efforts and our posts work. And always support and appreciate us

Well now I want to say best of luck for next month support. And Insha Allah we will get support. As usual every team member is doing great effort for this community and no doubt that this community deserve efforts. And @cryptokraze always doing great efforts and brought new and amazing ideas.

Bundle of Thanks


 last year (edited)

I pray a lot for this community Steem Infinity Zone to develop a lot because a lot of people in this community are doing good work and there is a lot to learn. All the members of this community are also doing a great job and running this community very well and there is a standard for everything and it is being run according to the standards.


And I also thank my sir @cryptokraze who guides and helps us a lot in working on this platform all the time. Appreciate our work and all our hard work in a very good way which inspires us to do better in the future.


I hope our community Steem Infinity Zone will get very good support this month too and our community will be selected in the top 5. My best wishes are for the community.

Regard's: @ramzanbaow

 last year 

As the purpose of siz is to educate without limits,so surly it will get the support without limits too. InshaAllah. Siz team is working pretty hard so will be rewarded.

 last year 

My best wishes with #SIZ:

SIZ purpose is very well so that all subscribers learn a lot of skills and knowledge.

I have find this community one of the best on this platform
Siz is going very well special i like the struggle and hardwork of admin of community @cryptokraze who Always support the members and motivated him.


I really love the working on this community.


Steem Infinity Zone is the best way to share our knowledge and learn about more knowledge.
Best of luck SIZ my. Best wishes for our community.

specially thanks @siz-official

Regards, @arslanaj

Inshallah our community will get support for november....My best wishes are always with @siz-official

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This is an amazing community with good future plans because I join this community just one month ago and I have really learn a lot of things in here. So I believe this community will really do well in future so long as they maintain the system they are working on

So I wish this community best of luck in the selection of the best community of the month

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