[Announcement] Launching SIZ Exchange | Community Official Retail Exchange and Bank | 50% to @siz-official

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Dear Fellows,

This is @cryptokraze, Founder of community Steem Infinity Zone (SIZ) with an important announcement to show my continuous support for SIZ community members. SIZ community is growing day by day and I am really thankful to all the active participants who are bringing their friends and family to Steem Ecosystem.


What is SIZ Exchange?

  • To meet the demands of cashout and keeping the Steem within the system, I am launching SIZ Exchange which is a separate account and will be considered the community's official Retail Exchange and Bank.

  • This will be used to receive Steem or SBD from SIZ members who want to cash out their rewards.

  • I will be paying the members in local currency from my personal resources so that Steem resources are kept within the system and not moved to Third-party Exchanges.

  • SIZ Exchange will be a Non-Profit Service and we will use the amount received on SIZ Exchange Account for supporting SIZ projects and Power UP our Official Community account.

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Why SIZ Exchange is Created?

  • I was receiving lots of requests to get cashouts for rewards in local currency, so I decided to start SIZ Exchange to meet this demand.

  • Cashout means the Steem resources will get out of Steem Ecosystem so I decided to keep them within the system. The users will be sending the exchange and cashout request to SIZ Admin and I will pay them with local currency from my personal resources.

  • The Bitcoin fees are high and if members try to cash out using Third-Party Exchanges, it would be a costly option for them. So SIZ Exchange will provide SIZ members the cheaper option to exchange their rewards with local currency.

  • It will provide an easier option for some members who don't know the technical aspects of crypto exchanges or don't have the necessary documents to verify their exchange wallets.

  • The amounts received to @siz-exchange account will not be cashed out until there is an emergency need to cash out. We will use the SIZ Exchange funds to power up SIZ community Official Account (@siz-official) and we hope this initiative will be appreciated by Steem Team and @steemcurator01 because we are trying to keep the Steem resources within the system and use it to power up.

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How SIZ Exchange Will Work?

  • Our first advice to all our community members is to power up from the rewards they get for activities.

  • As we all know that members will need to cash out some rewards for their day-to-day needs so we will provide them a cheaper and faster way of exchanging their Steem or SBD rewards for local currency.

  • SIZ members can transfer any amount of Steem or SBD to @siz-exchange they want to cash out.

  • You can see the Step-by-Step Process on How to Transfer Steem and SBD

  • After transferring Steem or SBD to @siz-exchange, contact @cryptokraze on our Discord Channel. My personal discord id is FxKraze#2451.

  • Provide us with your details you want to receive your payment and we will process the payments in the minimum time possible.

  • SIZ Exchange will act as Retail Exchange and Bank which means you will get the exact spot currency rate in PKR that is available in Live Market.

  • SIZ will not charge any fees for providing this service because we want this service to be a Non-Profit Service.

  • The only purpose of this service is to facilitate SIZ members and keep the Steem resources within the system.

  • Currently, SIZ Exchange services are available to SIZ Community members only but we will be opening it to other Pakistani members soon depending upon the response and demand we receive.

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How You Can Support SIZ Exchange?

  • As we have cleared that SIZ Exchange will be a Non-Profit Service aiming to facilitate SIZ members and keep Steem Resources within the system that will be used to power up our Official Account (@siz-official)

  • You can transfer any amount of Steem or SBD to @siz-official if you want to add your share in this goodwill gesture.

  • You can set @siz-official as your posts payout beneficiary whatever you feel comfortable, even 5%

  • You can delegate your SP to @siz-official and take benefit of our Delegation Rewards Offer of getting up to 200% Curation Rewards

  • You can also use these quick delegation links. Just click on your desired amount of SP you want to delegate and it will be done in process of 1 minute.

Quick Delegation to SIZ
50 100 200 300 400 500 1000
2000 3000 4000 5000 10000

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  • Steem Infinity Zone (SIZ) is determined to grow and support community members that are producing quality content. This SIZ Exchange initiative is just a humble effort by @cryptokraze to support community members with his personal resources and keep the Steem resources within the system. I would like to invite all the Steem stakeholders specially @stephenkendal, @steemchiller, @pennsif and community members to have a look at our SIZ Exchange Initiative

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  • In order to grow SIZ community official account, 50% of this Post Payout will go to @siz-official


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Steem Infinity Zone Team
@cryptokraze | @arie.steem | @qasimwaqar | @vvarishayy



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Publisher : @cryptokraze
Discords : FxKraze#2451
Telegram : @FxKraze
Twitter : https://twitter.com/fxkraze

 6 months ago 

I will be paying the members in local currency from my personal resources so that Steem resources are kept within the system and not moved to Third-party Exchanges.

Idea of the month to be honest.
Steem will grow faster
You are one of the best having best ideas. May Allah give you more success and flourish SIZ.
More power to you, Sir 🙌

 6 months ago 

Thank You for the kind words. Let's do some great work together and take Steem to another level.

 6 months ago 

Ready 🤠

 6 months ago 

wow! @cryptokraze you are proving that you are the best team leader. Really appreciate your hard work and support for your team.

 6 months ago 

Let's make things even better and we can do this together.

Wooo Man! I was just about to launch something similar but you made it.

Great Plan keep going 😊
More power to SIZ...!

 6 months ago 

Thanks Jawad.

I am rolling out things 1 by 1

So might be I need to speed up my works lol

 6 months ago 

You never know what's in my mind . Lol

You are already doing great man. Just keep it up. We all are trying to add value to Steem Ecosystem

Yup! You are also doing a great job . I like your plans and efforts.

Together let's take the Steem to the next level.

 6 months ago 

Wao i think new thing for learning 🤔

Honestly, I'm in awe. That's one brilliant idea. Proud to have a super talented fellow Pakistani working hard for Steem.

 6 months ago 

Thank you for the kind words. Let's make Pakistan proud on steemit. You are also doing great and we might have a session to plan few things, may be.

Yes, that's my goal. I'm up for anything that can help steem and my fellow Pakistanis.

 6 months ago 

Will discuss this very soon. Thanks for the positive gesture.

Great Sir @cryptokraze you are providing us such great informative things.
Thanks for all of these!

 6 months ago 

Great step
You are doing well to facilitate the Community members

 6 months ago 

You know it well zahid

Dear @cryptokraze this is an awesome project..you have tried your best to provide solution to many transaction obstacle, your efforts is commendable .

 6 months ago 

Thanks for the appreciation

 6 months ago 

Wao!good idea for enhancement and success for our community .I am glad to be a part of your community .
you have a lot of brainstorming ideas 😍 .you achieving so many milestones and worked very hard for growing our community😊.

 6 months ago 

Everything will come together and we will create a great community adding value to Steem

Great doing Thanks a lot😌
You are doing much as you can possible for our community and for every member😇
I really appreciate you mister😍
I have no word to thanks to you because 3rd party steem dollar withdraw are costly and losing much money as we earn on steem platform.
You are using this money for our community and every member of this community ☺

 6 months ago 

its really great sir.your doing great job.teaching all the memberz this community is growing day by day just because of your support ideas and hardwork thank you sir

 6 months ago 

U r doing great work, u empower us, this community is growing because of ur effort

Great work sir very interesting post sir thanks

Good Initiative ,

I will be paying the members in local currency from my personal resources so that Steem resources are kept within the system and not moved to Third-party Exchanges.

Thank you so much for providing facilities to Community Members

 6 months ago 

Thank you Rashid bhai for appreciating it. Let's facilitate minnows and keep steem within the system

Nice Concept Good luck Umair Bhai

 6 months ago 

Thanks, lets hope it goes well

 6 months ago 

This is amazing initiative @cryptokraze you have all the best qualities a head should have to run a community. Thank you Sir

 6 months ago 

Yes it is to good for us.
Because many students are doing this,
But they need cash out.
And they are not know about exchange the betcoin currency.

It's too helpful and precious work.
I'm very thankful to you for this humble work.

 6 months ago 

I always appreciate your talent and you always prove it. I appreciate your talent. . Thank you very much for your great ideas.