Inviting Delegators to Support SIZ | Receive upto 200% Curation Rewards | SIZ Delegation Gift Extra

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Dear Fellows,

Steem Infinity Zone (SIZ) community was introduced officially to Steemit world 3 days ago, although we have been working on developing the base of the community from 1 month. We have seen a great response and reached +800 subscribers in 1 month (thanks to the advertising by @cryptokrazeto students in the local area).

One of the main goals of Steem Infinity Zone (SIZ) is to grow the community official account @siz-official to Dolphin and ultimately whale status. This can be achieved by receiving delegations from community members and generous donors.


Why Delegate to SIZ...?

  • We are a community based on vision to empower people on steemit through IT and Technology Courses and Tutorials.

  • At SIZ platform, you can learn those skills that will help you achieve better growth in the market.

  • SIZ have many experts producing quality content in fields of IT and Technology.

  • SIZ official account will use the delegation to support the quality contents produced by these experts.

  • In addition to above reasons, you can be busy in your daily routines and might not make full use of your SP, so it is a good idea to delegate your SP to a community which is adding value to steem blockchain and we will make full use of your delegated SP.

  • SIZ delegators will get different benefits that will be discussed in details below

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SIZ Delegation Reward System - Upto 200% Curation Rewards

  • We would like to introduce a reward system that will be a goodwill gesture by SIZ Team for your SP delegations

  • Every Delegator will be given a unique rank depending upon the SP amount delegated as shown in below table.

  • We are providing the highest returns on your SP delegations and you can receive upto 200% of the curation rewards that will be accumulated on our curation account @siz-official.

  • You will be paid in steem to your account wallets.

  • This table will explain that how much curation rewards you will be receiving.

SP DelegationUnique RankCuration Rewards
50 to 499 SPDelegator 1 Star ⭐120% of Curation
500 to 999 SPDelegator 2 Star ⭐⭐150% of Curation
1000 or More SPDelegator 3 Star ⭐⭐⭐200% of Curation

Let us explain with an example using assumption on expected rewards you can receive according to your SP delegated.

  • Suppose we get 50 SP in curation rewards on our curator account (assuming with Total 20,000 SP) in a week, then you will receive these rewards in form of Steem.
SP Amount DelegatedUnique ⭐ RankDelegation PercentageWeekly Rewards (Steem)
100 SP1 Star0.5% of Total0.3 Steem
200 SP1 Star1% of Total0.6 Steem
500 SP2 Star2.5% of Total1.87 Steem
1000 SP3 Star5% of Total5 Steem
2000 SP3 Star10% of Total10 Steem
5000 SP3 Star25% of Total25 Steem
10000 SP3 Star50% of Total50 Steem
  • The above mentioned values are based on assumptions and are approximate. These values can change depending upon the steem price and curation rewards.

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SIZ Delegation Gift - Upto 10 Steem on Delegating

  • We want to take this delegation initiative to another level by offering a one time gift when a user will delegate SP for the 1st time.

  • Delegators will receive the Delegations Weekly rewards as usual that is explained above.

  • SIZ delegation gift is an extra token of appreciation for your trust and support you are providing us by delegating your SP.

  • This table will explain that how much Steem you will receive as Gift on delegating.
SP DelegationUnique RankSteem Gift
100 to 499 SPDelegator 1 Star ⭐1 Steem
500 to 999 SPDelegator 2 Star ⭐⭐5 Steem
1000 or More SPDelegator 3 Star ⭐⭐⭐10 Steem

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How to Delegate Steem Power to @siz-official Account

  • In order to delegate steem power to our community official account, you can go through this Step-by-Step Tutorial on How on Delegate Steem Power Using Steemworld

  • You can also use these quick delegation links. Just click on your desired amount of SP you want to delegate and it will be done in process of 1 minute.

Quick Delegation to SIZ
50 100 200 300 400 500 1000
2000 3000 4000 5000 10000

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  • Steem Infinity Zone (SIZ) is determined to grow our official curation account and we invite all the steem stakeholders specially @stephenkendal, @steemchiller, @pennsif and community members to have a look at our delegation rewards and gift system.

  • We are also very thankful to @steemcurator01 for supporting our community and expect a response to see our SIZ Delegation Reward System. This is a small effort in order to grow the account and just a beginning of the journey that will add value to steem ecosystem. You valuable suggestion will be highly appreciated.

Steem Infinity Zone Team
@cryptokraze | @arie.steem | @qasimwaqar | @vvarishayy

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 3 years ago 

That's great, it will attract users for more Deligation. Best of luck to SIZ

 3 years ago (edited)

We hope to get some delegations. We have made this reward system more attractive because users will be giving us their precious SP delegations

 3 years ago 

This is a great announcement. I'm sure many people will give delegations to siz community.

Attractive offer made. Showing our serious intentions to grow SIZ Official account.

 3 years ago 

Amazing thought. And definitely have to show serious intentions to grow SIZ official account.

 3 years ago 

you have a great step. to grow the community.
i hope people are delegated steem.

That's great,it would be very useful for the growth of community ,
I have delegated a few :) from my steem power

Thank you so much for delegation. You are added to our esteemed delegators.

Thank you :)

 3 years ago (edited)

Hello @cryptokraze and @siz-official,
That's great, I love the idea.
I just wonder how you will manage all this? will be a tough ask for One Person to manage the sheet of delegators to send them rewards every week OR you are going to use any type of tools to automate this process?

By the way, I am going to Power UP this week In Shaa ALLAH and will surely delegate some amount of the SP, not for the rewards purpose but to help your community account.

Moreover, I am a Digital Marketing Expert with over 5 years of experience as well as a Police Officer. I am also planning to start teaching SEO, ASO, SEM, SMM in your community.

I have my team to look for the delegation rewards calculations. It is not a big deal.

You are most welcome to start sharing your skills in SIZ.

I am sure digital marketing will be liked by many. We will be looking forward to it.


Your offer is really very attracting and I hope many people will join as well as delegate to SIZ community.

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