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Hello @everyone, I am excited to take part in this contest titled "Creative Photographer."

We take photographs for remembrance and also to share with others an event that took place. The photograph that is taken during the day is far different from the photograph that is taken during the night. Let's take a look at the three photographs taken during the night.

The First Photo


The photograph above was taken at a fuel station which shows how powerful darkness is. With the number of lights that were turned on in the fuel station together with the lights of the motors, it couldn't overpower the darkness. There during the night without light seeing would have been a difficult task for humans which means night which is designed for resting is as powerful as the day.

The Second Photo


The second photograph shows that no amount of light can make night look like day hour when it is not yet time. The photo was taken on a highway and the only thing that was shown was the light of the vehicle coming in front. The best way to make use of the night hour is for you to have a torchlight of your own if you are walking on a highway so people or vehicles can easily notice (identify) you from afar.

The Third Photo


The photo shows how powerful white color is during the night. If you are black in completion it is good for you to put on white cloth during the night when you are walking without light so you can easily be identified. Looking at the photo you can see that the only thing that appears is my white cloth and not even my face.

I am inviting: @pelon53, @dove11, @simonnwigwe, @dave-hanny,


Hey @josepha,

Really you creative photographer, in this post shared 2...3 images but I liked a last image where you shared white t shirt in black....It's showing different style photography and can say black and white amazing dear, be connected with us.

Upvoted. Thank You for sending some of your rewards to @null. It will make Steem stronger.

You have made a very wonderful entry, white light color is very powerful at night and as well make darkness disappear to help people have clear picture of things at night. Thank you for mentioning and I wish you success.

Your night photographs are creatively captured. Good luck with the contest.

 last month 

Thanks my good friend

Hello @josepha! The second photograph, captured on a highway during the night, compellingly illustrates the limitations of artificial light in replicating daylight. This photo serves as a poignant reminder of the night's depth and the importance of adequate lighting for safety on roads after sunset. It's a striking representation of the challenges and beauty found in night photography. I wish you all the best in the contest!

 last month 

The night is as powerful as broad daylight. Thanks for stopping by.

 last month 

Hola, un gusto en saludarte!!
La noche trae consigo mucho misterio en dónde debemos agudizar nuestra visión , mi foto favorita definitivamente es la primera en dónde se observa desde lejos la estación de gasolina.

La segunda fotografía es un reflejo de lo que normalmente vemos cuando se viaja de noche, el reflejo de los focos de los carros a lo lejos hasta que se definen las cuando se va acercando.

Por último la fotografía con la camisa blanca que resalta en la oscuridad porque la usa una persona de piel oscura, buena técnica para ser identificado cuando ni hay electricidad.

Me agrado tu enfoque 😇. Exitos en el concurso 🙏

 last month 

Hello, I like when the photographer explains his work, it is risky to take night photographs but I understand the objective. The message of the importance of light in the darkness applies to our daily lives. Nothing stands out more than white in the dark. Nice to meet you here, success friend.

Greetings @josepha, you've made your outstanding entry on the creative photography challenge and you have shared your creative photos. Darkness is a very strong path with is ruled out by light, both cannot be together or mixed together. The photo of the filling station at night without enough lightings the darkness will still cover the areas without light, where there's light there's no darkness.

Someone defined darkness as the absence of light and vice versa and I agree to that.

Wish you success

Hi @josepha, greetings from me.

The insight of your post is really detailed and understandable, making me to understand that the dark is so powerful that the light at the filling station cannot overcome the darkness, you're very right and sincere bro. The dark is powerful and God designed night for human to rest, although the artificial light will only light up some places, it can never overcome the night like the sunrise does. Our God is powerful that no man on earth can hinder or unfix the things he already fixed. Your advice is taken by me, I'll always wear white clothes at night so people will recognize me. I enjoy reading your post and I wish you all the best of luck.🤗


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