It All Ends With Death, Does It?

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If only we could talk to the dead...

Then this question who has kept geniuses awake at night wouldn't have existed. The uncertainty of what happens next or if anything happens at all, makes people fear death.

The Philosopher's Stone, The Elder Wand, The Invisibility Cloak - These powerful fictional assets (aka Deathly Hallows) which were supposed to beat death but couldn't.

Even in real life, many men tried to seek immortality in the past by creating powerful alchemy concoctions, in hopes to create an Elixir of Life. But couldn't.

Death is inevitable.

Each living being shall experience it, sooner or later.

So, instead of fearing it, why don't we embrace it?

Why are we scared of it?

Because of the Unknown? Or because this temporary life is more appealing?

I consider myself a logical person. As a kid, I was obsessed with the universe, space, time, what was it like before Big Bang, Adam's creation or Darwin's Evolution theory, Black Holes, Event Horizon (my username came from this obsession xD) and everything related to death and after-life.

Let's just stick to the topic of "death" here...

Even though I'm a Muslim and strongly believe in life after death but still I was stuck on "How?".

Over the years, I learned that the human brain simply doesn't have the ability to comprehend even a fraction of the mysteries of this universe.

Yet we are the smartest creatures alive.

We try to find answers in Science and sometimes it fails us too. That's where the faith kicks in.

There are things which still nag me if I overthink, but I have made my peace because I am a believer.

I believe in Quran.

Why do I believe this Holy Book?

Other than the fact that I was born into a Muslim family, I believe this book because...

Quran was revealed 1400 years ago at a time when there weren't any scientific discoveries and no universal mysteries were solved by mankind. Yet it contained information and unveiled mysteries of this world which are proven right over the years by scientists (Non-Muslims).

There are tons of such examples. Let me share the famous two:

1- Big Bang Reference

the heavens and the earth were a closed-up mass, and then we opened them out. [21:30]

2- The Big Crunch Reference

Remember the day when we shall roll up the heavens like the rolling up of written scrolls by a scribe. [21:104]

There is not a single statement in Quran which can be or has been proven wrong.

So when the Quran says that this life is temporary and the afterlife is permanent, I believe it.

When a living being dies, its body decomposes. That's the end of the body according to Science or the end we know.

What happens to the soul?

According to Quran, it goes through different stages - Limbo, Resurrection, Judgment and ultimately to Heaven or Hell which is the beginning of a never-ending after-life.

The One who can create life in the first place can re-create it as well.

That's my belief, it doesn't end with death rather it all begins with death.

I haven't experienced any near-death experiences. Have been into road accidents, multiple earthquakes, fire hazards, and close encounters with deadly snakes but nothing felt death-like.

Most of my friends here are non-muslims, so their opinion may differ and I respect it. I avoid talking about controversial topics (religion, faith or politics) on a public forum but my friend @weisser-rabe invited me to share my thoughts. So here they are. (:

I enjoyed writing here after so long. Thanks to all the friends who kept checking on me. I'm fully occupied with some personal projects but will make an effort to post something here once in a while.


No autovote! I still follow you (of course), was just online when you published your post and read it with interest... ;-)
Our belief in the "survival" of the soul is not very different from each other. Death is part of life - if we don't necessarily embrace it, we should at least accept and respect it. We don't need to fear it, all that is "fearful" about it is perhaps the pain that often accompanies its appearance. But these concern the body that becomes earth. The soul, however, lives. If it has not yet fulfilled all its tasks on earth, it looks for a new body. Or it goes on the way to the enlightenment immediately to the light....

Nice to have read from you again!!!
I hug you - have a nice weekend!

And I also thought it's highly unlikely of you to give an auto-upvote. I appreciate you for still following me. 😀

I agree death is painful; apart from the cause of death(illness or accident), the mere departure of soul from body is painful.

Nice to talk to you again as well.

Hugs and Happy Saturday!

Perfect when Sherlock detects possible misunderstandings in advance.... ;-)

It was Mycroft. 🤣

Welcome, I thank you for the points that you touched on in this post of yours, which confirm that the religious dimension and our belief in the heavenly books remains the most important element for getting out of this topic, which falls within the abstraction, and you thank God for our conversion to Islam, and without it we would have lived lost.

Absolutely. There's a reason that Quran is called the complete code of life.

Did you convert to Islam or a born-muslim?

Alhamdu lellah, I am a Muslim since birth, I just spoke in my comment in general.

I can't believe my eyes. Finally! Thanks for writing again.

The human soul is immortal and I believe in it. It may be old-fashioned, but I believe it. According to Christian views, the human soul lives forever, and life on earth is only a short period of trials. Therefore, death is just another stage in the life of the soul.

Haha. The last time you wrote me about coming back, it really got me thinking. I instantly made up mind to write again. Wasn't just sure what to blog about anymore.

The Divine Books' believers generally share the same beliefs.

Welcome back! I'm so glad to read you ;-)) And of course it shouldn't become a controverse - all different points of view have my full respect.

Thank you for inviting me to write. I forgot how much I enjoyed interacting with you all.

Welcome back my friend, longing for various points of view that will be shared again here.

Thank you Sofian. Going slow this time. 😀

 2 months ago 

She has risen! Welcome back!!!
Judging by the comments of my fellow Steemians it is clear that you were missed.
To think.. I almost missed this post!

I once read a debate out death; “Death is nothing to us. When we are, death is not come, and when death is come, we are not.”
Just there and then I took a decision to leave death alone. I will read what others write. (•ิ‿•ิ)

Keep on posting!

She has risen! Welcome back!!!

I just felt like a mythical creature. 😂

I'm touched by the number of comments on this post. Honestly, I wasn't expecting much since I tried hard to cut myself off from this place. But it's true, the loyal followers and sincere friends stick through all phases. ❤️

; “Death is nothing to us. When we are, death is not come, and when death is come, we are not.”

It's an interesting quote. Perhaps something what ty-ty is trying to say.

 2 months ago 

I just hope we are going to see more of you now. 🤞

@event-horizon welcome 🤗🤗 back in steemit platform again and I wish you good luck you were one of the most inspiring and hard working lady on this platform

Well come back

Assalamualaikum, welcome back. I'm happy to see you back. Thanks for sharing your ideas on the given topic.

Yes, you are right that the teachings and statements of Holy Quran are absolutely true and moreover they are constant from the Prophet's era, until now. And being Muslims, we believe that the afterlife is permanent.

Walaikum Assalam. Thank you.

Since afterlife is permanent, we must prepare for it by being a good human first and then a muslim.

Happy Ramadan.

Happy Ramadan 🥰

Hello my beautiful friend, I want to tell you first of all, that I am very happy to see you here again sharing your lyrics on Steemit. I've missed you.

Like you, I am a restless thinker and some things that cannot be answered by science, I believe by faith. And I also believe in the immortality of the soul, not everything ends here.

And then, tell you again, that you are very welcome. A hug for you, and many blessings🤗🌺❤️

I'm glad to know that we share same belief, my friend.

I'm humbled by your warm words. It was a privelage working with you back then. You have been a sincere friend who always say the right things. I didn't say then but I was truly touched by you catching up on me, worrying about me and lecturing 😀 me. I owe you a big one. 🥹

Saludos amiga.

Linda entrada, nos hablas sobre tu Fe y religión y creo que no somos nada sino creemos.

La muerte es un misterio pero lo que si es claro es que todo pasaremos por ella y solo los que Creen verán la vida prometida, esa cosa que aúnque desconocemos deseamos conocer .

Buena suerte en el concurso. Fue lindo leerte y aprender más de tu cultura.

What's a life without the purpose, right?

Our faith and beliefs give us a sense of direction and purpose in life.

It's upto Allah how He will account each human on the Judgement Day. The least we can do is to strive to be a better human.

It's less of a contest participation more of my interest in the topic. 😀

 2 months ago 

Come on! When is the next post?
I keep on looking but there is nothing...

Ahhh! My bad!

I will write soon. It's just that Ramadan is keeping me busy more than usual.

 2 months ago 

I'm all eyes! 👀

I swear the draft is ready. I'm supposed to do some editing tonight. Praying that I don't fall asleep in the process. 🙈

 2 months ago 

Oh well you know what they say about practice makes perfect.
Now you will just have to do it for 21 times in a row so that it can be habit again.
Good luck! ☕

Haha. Yet again couldn't finish it tonight and it's past my bedtime now. 😴

 2 months ago 

Tomorrow... is another day!
Sleep tight!
I'm also going to take a rest now. Another day done and dusted.

 2 months ago 

Hola amiga, aún sigo basándome 50% en la fé y el otro 50 en la ciencia, como dices por más de que las personas han buscando vencer a la muerte no han podido, como humanos queremos vencer cualquier cosa que se nos pase por el frente y a veces nos cuesta entender que no es así.

Muchas gracias por hablarnos del coran, siempre he tenido la curiosidad de saber sobre el, así que respeto mucho tu explicación sobre el.

Saludos y éxitos.

Like I said, we are the smartest creatures alive and yet we don't know most of the mysteries of this universe. (:

Quran is indeed a marvelous read.

Thank you for dropping by jennarg. (:

 2 months ago 

Dear friend, you have made a reading of my thoughts. We fully agree that death happens in the physical body that decomposes and returns to earth and there is another invisible part as the soul, spirit or consciousness, whatever you want to call it, that transcends.

Scientists do not see it because they require proof that current technology does not allow them to demonstrate anything about the afterlife. I know that the time will come when progress will be made, just as it was unthinkable and unimaginable to travel to the Moon or send a robot to Mars.

The universe is almost infinite and keeps so many secrets of the origin of things, that I do not discard any theory.

I think that we fulfill a cycle in this life to start another one in another way somewhere in this vast universe.

I really enjoyed reading you, I find this enigmatic subject very interesting.

Greetings and success.

Yes, maybe in future the mystery of soul is also resolved.

I think the soul just returns to God and there's no transferring from one body to another.

I enjoyed reading your detailed comment. This topic is definitely interesting.

 2 months ago 

Hola amiga @event-horizon

Sus creencias están fortalecidas en el Corán y desde acá respetamos la posición de cada miembro de la comunidad, eso es importante para vivir en sociedad, aunque existan diferencias lo que nos hace valiosos es saber comprender y respetar a los que mantienen una fe distinta.

Tiene usted razón cuando expresa que el cerebro humano no tiene la capacidad de comprender los misterios de este mundo.

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Gracias por participar en esta semana de Challenge

what makes us valuable is knowing how to understand and respect those who maintain a different faith.

I second that.

Allahu Akbar!

I am convinced that death cannot be experienced. It seems logically impossible to me. Death is either an end or a passage, and so either I am dead, and that is the end of all experience, or I am living in another state - but then I am not dead and I am experiencing or witnessing that other state.

I don't believe that the individual outlives its death. The state after the death of the individual is a different, non-individual one. In this sense, the individual is then dead in any case.

Thank God!

Translated from German with (free version)

Technically, you are right.

Since death of a living being is the departure of soul from its body to the other world. So it should be counted as an experience of a soul not the body.

You missed my point - or did you want to miss my point?

Don't worry, all is fine so far! I don't want to start arguing.

I think I missed your point. 🧐

So please take first my excuse for my having thouhgt of the other possibility.

My point is, that I did not want to speak about the "body" but about the individual consciousness. This is (as consciousness) the base and at the same time (as individual) the result of experience and frames the human condition: freedom.

No problem. I think it was the translator messing up.

Did you mean there's no consciousness after death? Everything ends with death?

I'm truly sorry if I got it wrong again. 🙈

P.S. I am not good with philosophy.

Hello friend...
Finally meet again, how are you?
I'm glad to see you back here

I'm good. How are you doing?

It's been really a long time. I truly feel humbled by your words. (:

I'm fine..
Since you are inactive, you may have passed the steemit update and I believe you are able to catch up. Good luck

I saw it but I'm not going for it.

Welcome back @event-horizon. I didn't know you backed again but today @stef1 vote on your comment, I surprised. Welcome back to Steemit. P

Walaikum Assalam.

Thank you. I wasn't completely gone. Have been voting and occasionally commenting for months.

I wasn't completely gone.

It's good to know this.
active again, as you were before. You are a good content writer and a big name from our country.

You are being kind.

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