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RE: It All Ends With Death, Does It?

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No autovote! I still follow you (of course), was just online when you published your post and read it with interest... ;-)
Our belief in the "survival" of the soul is not very different from each other. Death is part of life - if we don't necessarily embrace it, we should at least accept and respect it. We don't need to fear it, all that is "fearful" about it is perhaps the pain that often accompanies its appearance. But these concern the body that becomes earth. The soul, however, lives. If it has not yet fulfilled all its tasks on earth, it looks for a new body. Or it goes on the way to the enlightenment immediately to the light....

Nice to have read from you again!!!
I hug you - have a nice weekend!


And I also thought it's highly unlikely of you to give an auto-upvote. I appreciate you for still following me. 😀

I agree death is painful; apart from the cause of death(illness or accident), the mere departure of soul from body is painful.

Nice to talk to you again as well.

Hugs and Happy Saturday!

Perfect when Sherlock detects possible misunderstandings in advance.... ;-)

It was Mycroft. 🤣

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