The Diary Game Sunday 27/05/23|| It's A Baby Boy

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Hello Everyone!!

Hope you all are good and enjoying your lives. I'm writing my diary game after a long time. Today was a happy day and I got good news of new baby boy in my family from my niece. We're so blessed and happy. The Day was extra ordinary busy but good.

Let's start today's diary

My morning started after fajar prayers and I went to sleep again as today was Sunday. Before sleep I checked my phone notification beacuse my niece was admitted to the hospital with labor pains so I was waiting for good news from her.

I woke up at 11:30 am and check my phone first, then fresh my self. then make breakfast for family. My husband took parathas from a Cafe and I just made Omelette and tea for all.

My Breakfast

After enjoying breakfast I completed my house chores and offered zuhar prayers. I cook food for dinner. As breakfast was not at time so it was like brunch for us.

Inside of western union

I went out with my son to the Western Union Money Changer to exchange the dollars. Then I went to the my son college to take some information about studies abroad for my son. It took more than 2 hours of the day.

When I backed home it was near 4 :30pm. My phone rang and I received the good news of baby boy born. We cheered up and said we ate coming to the hospital after 1hr.

Evening Snacks

I was slightly tired because it was a sunny and warm day. I said to my daughter made tea for me. She gave me tea with some snacks. I enjoyed this with my husband. I offered asar prayers and ready my self to go out to the hospital.

I with my kids reached Patail hospital at 6:30pm. When we reached almost all family was gathered at hospital. This time was visiting hour of hospital.

Patel Hospital


All family members were going one by one to visit the baby inside the children ward but gatekeeper didn't allow rahima to go inside the hospital. She was crying she was very excited to meet with the baby.

I stayed outside with her, when they reached their they made video call for rahima and then sent pictures of baby. I gave present to new baby and good wishes to him and his family. Everyone was too happy.

Say MashaAllah

They gave us sweet in this happy moment. In our tradition when a baby born in a family, they distribute sweet to all friends and family.

We backed home after 9pm. We took dinner together. I watched drama series kurulus usman with husband.

That's all from today's diary. Hope you enjoyed it while reading. Thanks for giving time to my post.

Best regards



Awh! How cute!!
It is always so nice to see the faces of new born's. So peaceful and innocent.
Congratulations! May he only bring joy and happiness to your family.

 9 months ago 

Yes, children are life of this world. Thanks dear for good wishes ❤️❤️. You are a lovely lady❤️❤️

Awh thank you!! 🎕

 9 months ago 

Ma Sha Allah congratulations to you, I'm glad to read your diary after long time, this is a great blessing for a woman to be a mother and incomplete without it.

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Thanks @ubongudofot for your support

 9 months ago 

MashahAllah congratulations for new born baby boy of your niece. He is so cute. Hopefully his mother will be fine too. I wish your son too best of luck for studying abroad. You have spent over all very pleasant day. Thanks for sharing your quality time with us. Once again congrats for good news. Stay blessed.

 9 months ago 

Thanks dear for your good words and reviewing my post

 9 months ago 

MashaAllah mam baby was soo cute mashaAllah evil eye's off. Congratulations to you thanks for sharing such a nice diary stay blessed 🤗😍❤

 9 months ago 

Thanks dear for your good words and reviewing my post

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