The Diary Game | 04 January 2024 | A Day Trip to Grandfather's House: Family, Tea, and Mobile Troubles

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Hi Everyone!

Greeting to all, hope all is well and enjoy the happy moments of life. I am also good Alhamdulillah.

I hope everyone is doing well. Today started my day with the holy name of Allah and started a blessed day. First of all, I had my morning breakfast, I was just sitting after breakfast then my mother told me to get ready quickly because last night we committed that we had to go to my grandfather's house in the morning which is It is about 60 km away from us so we had to go there because my mother had to sign a policy in my uncle's name which was executed by my younger uncle but my elder uncle passed away. It was done, because of which all the brothers and sisters were now required to be registered so that the money they had for the policy could be signed and given to my younger uncle so that he could get the money, and all of them signed because they wanted to. They want their sisters and brothers to sign it themselves because they want everyone to know that these are their brothers and sisters, so we went there and I started getting ready for it.

I have two aunts and both of them also wanted to go there, so one of the aunts lives on the same road as we wanted to go, so we thought that let's get ready first and go to our aunt from there. Together, we will go to Nana's house, so we will go together.

We had already informed our aunt that we were coming to you and from there we will go together. So when we reached there they had arranged tea for us so we sat there and had tea with which we were rewarded with biscuit eggs and sweets and namko. We happily sat there and ate. Because it was very cold, we all sat in bed and started drinking tea.

And so we sat there and time passed. It was almost noon, so we thought let's go now. My other aunt and uncle were also coming from the other side, so we walked straight from there.

On the way we stopped at a place and put petrol in the bike so that we don't have to face any problems later, we put petrol there in advance because the place we were going to was not good. There is no petroleum system. So that's why we thought that we should pour petrol in advance so that we get good quality petrol. Because good quality petrol is not available there, it is available in small shops, which is expensive and not of good quality. So we poured petrol on the way.

After filling in the petrol from there, we reached there after a distance of about half an hour, because it was very cold, you people on a motorcycle can understand that it is very difficult to travel in this cold, so we all felt very cold. As soon as we reached home we met them there and saw that my uncle had lit a fire which was very beneficial for us. We all sat around the hearth. So that we get heat inside our blood circulates and we feel less cold. Because there is no gas system there, heaters and geysers are not installed there, so wood is burned there.

Time passed and it was getting dark, so we started worrying about dinner because there was no one living in the house we went to. My younger uncles live there, and they also come sometimes, so due to which there is a shortage of some items, we thought of cooking rice which was not available at home. So my uncle told me that you bring it from the market. Me and my second cousin went straight to the market. From there we bought rice. After buying the rice, we came home. So that rice can be cooked at home and we can eat, we have to go there and do all the work ourselves. Because there is no one else there to work for us. My mother, my aunt, we all went together, so we all worked there together.

As soon as the rice was cooked, we all ate together. After eating, we went to their house to meet other relatives and friends. Since it was evening, everyone was sitting in their beds because of the cold, so we too. Went there and met them and sat in bed with them and we chatted there for a long time while they gave us milk because it was cold so they gave us warm milk.

After chatting for a long time, we came home from there, my uncle's son was also there, who is much younger than me, so he took my mobile to play games. As soon as I took it back from them, I saw that all the settings of my mobile had been changed. What they did not know was that my mobile had been changed to Urdu and its side had also been changed. It looked like we were driving right to left because when our second mobile is in the English language, we drive from left to right. So I saw that it was reversed. Tried but it didn't work for me. I also showed my uncle to my cousin but they didn't like it either so I was very worried about how to fix it. So I tried many times to correct it and also watched its video from YouTube but I didn't understand it.

If any setting of the mobile is changed, then I set it. Most of the people get their mobile set from me. So I tried a lot to set the language but the language that was set was not being deleted nor was the other one being selected. So I was very worried about this and checked it for a long time but I couldn't get it right. Meanwhile, a childhood friend of mine came there and we met him and we sat there with him and chatted a lot.

I thought let's get it checked, it might not be set. So I gave him my mobile, he checked my mobile-first and he said that this mobile was also with my brother. So I said then you can set it so I gave him my mobile he tried for a long time to set it up. It brought all my things to default settings and changed all the settings. But still, it didn't set, suddenly he tried to scroll by holding the language, and as soon as he scrolled, the language would be set. So with ease it fixed my mobile we tried to delete it but we were not scrolling it. He just scrolled it and the language was set. So I thanked him profusely for setting up my mobile otherwise I was going to reset it.

In this way, the night had already passed, so we thought let's go to sleep and my friend also got up and went to his house. We all slept in our beds.

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I hope you guys enjoy it a lot. A bundle of thanks for watching and staying on my post. Stay blessed.
Regards: @ahsansharif


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Hi friend, thanks a lot for sharing this beautiful dairy with us. Yes, it's really difficult to ride a motorcycle in cold weather and you drove it for 60 km to help your uncle.Best of luck for Contest 🏆

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Thanks for staying here on my post. It's very difficult to run bike in cold weather. By the way I'm not participating in any contest. It's just a diary game post.

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Oky bro best of luck for your future 🌻

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Thanks a lot

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