The Diarygame || Activities with A nephew and Delicious Chat-apple

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Greetings from me,

Friends, all of you are very welcome to my today's post. I hope you all are staying healthy and safe. We all have different lifestyles and do many things in our day to day. Our lifestyle is like a daily routine for us. But some days in our life are very good. The day we enjoy thoroughly. Today I am sharing with you my day spent yesterday. I hope you like the day I spent.

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Friends, yesterday I woke up at 8 in the morning because there was no light the whole night, it was very hot and due to the heat I was not able to sleep at night. The light came on at 5 in the morning, so I kept sleeping for a long time because of the light coming on. Waking up at 8 o'clock, I brushed my teeth, took bath and cleaned my room. After going to the kitchen and cleaning the kitchen, I prepared breakfast.


I made a sandwich of potatoes and peas for breakfast. Making sandwiches is very easy. We can prepare this in less time. We have to boil potatoes and peas together and after boiling, we have to peel the potatoes and mash the potatoes and peas. Add all the spices and mix. After this, we have to apply tomato sauce on the bread and apply the ingredients we have prepared on the bread. Then add some oil in a pan and fry it.


After having breakfast, I cleaned the house. I put the clothes in the washing machine to wash. After that, I cleaned the utensils. The clothes were dried after being dusted. It has been feeling very hot for some time now. That's why working in summer seems very difficult. I had completed all the work and then rested for a while.

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I woke up and freshened up. After that, I spent time with my brother's son. My brother's son is just 6 months old. I like it very much. That's why I enjoy spending time with my brother's son. He doesn't do much mischief and I find him very cute when he smiles. I also took some pictures of it which I am sharing with you.





I felt hungry after waking up, so I took out an apple from the fridge and washed it thoroughly with water. I cut the apple and ate it with chaat masala. Eating apples with chaat masala tastes very good. That's why I like to eat apples with chaat masala. My husband had brought these apples for me which were very sweet to eat. I liked the apples very much.

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