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Dear friends,

I am Jyoti from India and I'm here going to submit my yesterdays diary in this post, hope you read and like it.

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Yesterday morning I woke up at around six, although it is summer here, it rained so it was less hot and a bit chilly in the morning. As it rained, there was no work to water the plants, but there was a lot of work to clean the surroundings. After cleaning them all. I took a shower and went to the kitchen. I took wheat flour and made a dough with it and made chapatis for cooking breakfast also chopped carrots and beans and made curry with them to eat with the chapatis.

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After that everyone got ready we all had breakfast together after breakfast we started doing our own chores. my son went outside with his friends to play. I started cleaning the greens that I had bought the day before yesterday and while cleaning I was watching some programs on TV. Then after cleaning the spinach, I washed it, kept it, added onions, garlic, chillies etc. and made spinach fritters to eat with lunch.

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Since there are often snakes and rats in the yard of our house, we had decided to clean the garden there and put it entirely in concrete. The work was going on, when the workers called out to know, when we went there, we found out that a snake was hiding in a hole.

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The people who were working there were telling me that I could beat the snake and kill it, but I didn't have the heart to do it, so I called the snake catcher, who came shortly after, went to the backyard, looked for the hole where the snake was, and fought for about ten minutes and caught the snake. The snake was about 10 feet long and was very scary and everyone was scared to see it but the snake catcher was very casual and caught it in a bag and tied it with a rope. He charged 700 rupees to catch the snake.

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He also told me that he would take the snake to the forest and that there might still be snakes here, so although I was scared, I hoped that because I would cover the area completely with concrete, it would not come again.

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After that I came inside the house and sat there for a while. The whole day that snake was in my mind. I was talking about it with everyone. After my son came home from playing, I gave him some mangoes to eat. At the same time I cooked lunch and for lunch I made sambar with dal, potato, radish etc. and we all had lunch with rice along with freshly made spinach fries.

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After having lunch I rested for a while I lay on the bed and slept for a while then I got up and brushed myself and cut a watermelon from the house and gave it to my daughter and daughter and I also ate it.


In the evening I went to the shopping street and went to a crockery shop and bought glass tumblers for the house. I also bought two water container bottles to pour water on the bridge. Then I looked at all the other items in the shop. I photographed them.

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In our town temple festival was going on and it was decorated with colorful lights. When we went to the shopping street, I used the colorful lights. He was very beautiful to see.

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These are all important features of my yesterday's diary. Kindly share your valuable comments in my comment section.


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