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Hi friends hope you are all enjoying the weekend holidays,

I'm Jyoti and I'm glad to share with you my day before yesterday's diary in this post.

That day my son was insisting on taking me to see his favorite animated movie, Kung Fu Panda 4. So with the idea of showing him that movie and at the same time giving him some entertainment as it was school holidays, we decided to go to that movie as a family.

However, since the movie was in the afternoon, we thought that after the movie, we could visit a college on the same route. Because my daughter has completed her schooling and is waiting for the result. Next is my engineering or architecture course. She also writes entrance exams in many colleges and universities.

So we visited PSG HI-TECH college campus. This college is the premier college in Coimbatore. We thought we could apply for this too so we took my daughter there to show the college and know about its campus.


The show was to start at half past one and my husband had told me to leave home at 12. Because it takes about half an hour to an hour to go to the theater but we couldn't get ready till half past 12. However, as soon as we got ready, we hurriedly got into the car and left by the time we reached the theater, it was exactly half past one. We left the cab in the parking lot and showed the ticket booked on mobile to the theater crew. They checked and let us in. Since the movie is 3D, everyone was given a pair of goggles.


The movie had started when we walked in and my son was a bit moody. However, we found a seat and sat down. The film was very good. Its animation and graphics were very realistic. Clarity was amazing. Similarly, since the film is for children, there was more comedy and action. Comedy was added to every scene. We were all laughing and watching the movie. Since the movie was 3D, it was as if we were watching the story directly.


During the break we went to the food court there and bought coke and popcorn. Usually the price of snacks in such multiplex complexes is very high. The coke we bought was sold for 100 rupees per bottle and 220 rupees for a packet of popcorn which was 10 times more than the market price outside. However, we bought it without any other option. As there was a 20 minute break, we looked around the theater and its interior was very beautifully done. We stopped here and there and took pictures.


After the movie, we came out to a restaurant and had food. The restaurant was very hot because here the summer sun is very high. Although the temperature is around 37 degree celsius, we had to have food. We sat down and had food despite the heat. Then we left from there and went to PSG High Tech College to see the campus.


PSG Group of Colleges is one of the premier colleges in Coimbatore, one of the best colleges in India and one of the top 50 colleges in India. My elder daughter also did her graduation from this college. So, we are thinking of including my second daughter here, as she is very interested to be an architect. Engineering and Architecture courses are taught in this college.


The campus of this college was very nice. Being an architect college, they displayed architecture in a very magnificent manner. The lawns and gardens between each of the buildings were beautifully landscaped and maintained. Fountains and various trees were placed here and there.


A large building was made in the form of a dome as an expression of the art of architecture. It looked like a huge glass ball and was very beautiful. Near it was a building in the shape of 'Parallelogram' also made of glass which was very beautiful to look at and surrounded by gardens and walkways.


We parked our car to one side and looked around from building to building. We asked some students studying there about the course, college, hostel and bus facilities. Then we went to the course details room and inquired about the courses and they said they have not started the admission yet and will start only after the 12th result. However, they gave us a pamphlet with the course details, which we took and left.


Everyone was very happy to visit the college campus. My daughter loved the college campus. I also prayed to God that my daughter should get a place in this college. It was a very happy day.

After coming home I relaxed for a while and in the evening started doing the night cooking. Other meals in the house were also done. After cooking we all had dinner together. Then I sat on steemit and finished my toss for the day and fell asleep on the bed.


Discord : @jyoti-thelight#6650 Telegram :-



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You really had a great day sister

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Yes it was, thank you for reading

It was definitely a wonderful and great weekend you definitely have I can see also. That college must also be quite high in standard to be among the top 50

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You really have a great time you enjoyed my dear friend I must confess. It is really great to see hanging out and spending quality time outside

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