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Dear friends,
I'm Jyoti and glad to share with you my yesterday's diary in this post.

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I woke up yesterday morning around 5:30. It was very hot in summer. After sipping a glass of cold water, I went out and cleaned the surroundings. The breeze blowing out of the summer heat was so refreshing. Enjoying it, I watered the plants. Then I went upstairs and practiced walking for a while and enjoyed watching the birds chirping and flying.

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Then I came down and saw my husband came from his walk and was watching the highlights of the earlier cricket match on TV. Although I was a little angry when I saw it, I sent him to the market to buy fish to cook without showing it. Then I also went to the kitchen and took a shower and made preparations for the breakfast.

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Then he saw a papaya fruit that was very ripe. I took it and cut it into small pieces. I ate a few pieces of it and it tasted good. After a while my husband bought fish and brought it. To cook the fish, I put a small bowl of fish and washed it well and then mixed it with turmeric, salt and lemon juice, so that there is no smell.

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Meanwhile, I cut onion and tomato into small pieces, added salt to it, sauteed it well with oil and ground it in a mixer jar. Then I chopped another onion into small pieces and sauteed it along with cardamom, mustard, cumin, bark, cloves etc. Then I ground ginger and garlic and mixed it with it.

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Then I took the ground tomato and onion paste and added it. Then I added fish curry masala powder to it and covered it. After boiling once, I added fish pieces that had already been washed and soaked in salt and turmeric to this. Then the fish curry is ready.

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By that time my son got ready and dressed uniform for school and my daughter came from bath and then we all had breakfast together and had fish curry and idli and sliced papaya for breakfast, then my son was picked up by my husband and went to school and me and my daughter were watching programs on TV for some time.

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In the evening I went to the market with my neighbor friends. Then I visited the vegetable and fruit shop. The vegetables were wilted by the summer heat. Fruits are also not so brash. However, I bought vegetables like radish and zucchini, tomatoes and onions. I also bought a kilo of mangoes and a dozen bananas. Then I bought bottled coke to drink.

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I bought all these and came home. My son was watching his favorite cartoon program on TV. After. I went to the kitchen and cooked dinner and invited everyone and we had dinner together. Then I sit on steemit to finish my yesterday task and finish yesterday's work.

All the above are the main pages of my yesterday's diary. I hope you enjoyed reading it. Post your valuable feedback in my comment section.


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You made me to remember my mom years ago when she will need to wake up quite so early in other to attend to a whole lot of things before her children went to school

I read your daily stories, I see you are very clever at cooking, processing anything to make delicious food

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I think that your a superwoman woke up early morning and sleeping at late night and also maintaining your mental and physical health condition. The cooking style is awesome while seeing I am getting mouthwatering 🤤. At evening shopping is very good. Thanks for sharing this wonderful post with us

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