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Yesterday morning I woke up at around six o'clock. The temperature here is very high and it was around 27 degrees Celsius in the morning. After waking up, I went upstairs and practiced walking for a while.


After that I came down and cleaned the surroundings and sat for a while to relax and watch the news on TV. Elections are going on all over the country. The Prime Minister was recording his election campaign and showing it on the news. In the news, they also warned that the temperature will increase in the coming days.


After watching the news I took a shower and went to the kitchen and started cooking the morning. I was making idli, and coconut chutney and sambar for breakfast. I cut a mango to eat along with it and then we all had breakfast together.

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Yesterday was Saturday and it was summer so my son had a school holiday. The daughter is also on vacation after finishing her application. She is preparing for her next entrance exam. My husband went to office after finishing breakfast. I was watching other programs on TV for a while. My son was also switching programs along with me. After that I took ready made pineapple flavor and juiced it with lemon, sugar, ice and salt. Since it has been hot, frequent consumption of water sources such as juices will keep the body cool while not dehydrating.


After that I cut vegetables to cook lunch and made radish sambar for lunch. I added radish, potato, dal etc. to the sambar. I also took cabbage and cut it into small pieces and made cabbage curry. I cooked it in a rice cooker to eat along with these. After that after my husband came from office we all had lunch together after lunch I took some rest and went to bed and slept for some time.

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In the evening I went to the grocery store to buy some groceries for the house. Especially since both the kids are at home, I thought I could buy them some crunchy snacks. There were varieties of chips, peas, peanuts, peanuts, coolrings, twists and chikkis. I went through all of them and selected some of them. Then I went to the places where millets are kept and bought half a kilo of rye and half a kilo of ragi. Then I went to the soap and shampoo place and took soap, shampoo and bath room cleaner



When I came back from the shop at home my son was watching mind craft videos on TV After that my husband said he wanted to watch IPL match so he gave the TV remote to him and went to play and I sat with him for some time and watched the IPL match live.


Then, I went and cut the watermelon from the fridge and shared it with everyone and enjoyed it too. After that I went to kitchen and cooked dinner and for dinner I was making Dosa and onion plus tomato chutney then we all had food together. After the meal it was very hot so I took the refrigerated milk and mixed almond powder with it and added some ice cream and crushed it and shared it with everyone. After dinner I sat on Steemit and finished yesterday's task then went to bed and slept all these are the highlights of my tire yesterday my courage and your valuable Please feel free to post comments.


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Thank you @shiftitamanna for the great support

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You really have a great day. Hope your son didn't feel bad that he wasn't able to watch the game he actually desire to watch

Great work ...🤟

 2 months ago 

Currently, the temperature around is increasing a lot. The election campaign in your country is going very well. I also watch the news sometimes. You have passed the day quite nicely. In the evening you went to a grocery store and did some shopping. Best of luck to you.

Happy to see Dear Ma'am you spend so good day first you Woke up and sear uo and down as morning walk then you see the your national tv and hear about election compain Best of luck fir your all next day's

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