HWC Contest #14 || POWERUP AND WIN STEEMS WEEK 7 by @adylinah

Hello Steemians!
It's a pleasure and an honour to be able to participate in this contest organized in HWC for contest 14.
It is really an interesting topic to take part. Power up is what we carry out everyday and it is what characterized all the steemit uses to be a great steemian.
Without power up, we will remain powerless in the platform. Power up strengthen us and most especially our account and also give us the ability to support one another and add value to the platform.

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In order to make my entry simple to understand I will explain briefly what power up is, the processes involved in powering up and the benefits/ advantages of power up.

Understanding Powerup

Power up is a method in which liquid steem is being transferred/ converted into steem power through the process called power up. When this steem gets to steem power wallet, it then strengthens a user's account.

Reasons/ Advantages of Power up
  • For steem growth
  • To enable a user add value to another user's post by voting.
  • Curation rewards
How to Power up

Method of power up is very simple and it can be done by taking the following steps;

  • Go to your steemit wallet, log in your wallet by using active key.
20230506_131443.jpg Signing in my account
  • Once you sign in, the letters which were black in colour will turn green and you click on the drop-down arrow on the liquid steem and options will display. Select power up.
20230506_131657.jpgPower up process
  • A dialogue box will appear, input the amount of steem you wish to power up.
  • Now, click on power up and then ok it.
20230506_131756.jpgAfter putting in the amount20230506_131825.jpgConfirming transaction by clicking ok
  • The last step is to put in your active key to confirm transaction.
Screenshot_20230506-133038_1.pngThat's it, I have successfully transferred 10 steem to my steem power

I hope my power up process was easy to understand?
I would like to invite my friends ( @josepha, @eliany @mvchacin) to join the power up challenge. Thank you!


Congratulations friend for this successful power up, demonstrating your commitment to your account and the platform. Thank you for the invitation

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