Around The World Pet Photography contest 10 steem prize pool.

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Around The World Pet Photography contest 10 steem prize pool.

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Hello friends how are you all hope you all well by the grace of almighty Allah.

Pet photography is the most popular photography and lot of people's love pet, it's looks so nice today i arrange pet photography contest for the pet lover.

In this contest you have to sahre with us, your pet photography.Actually my aim of those of my contest is make more activity and growing the community.

Each and everyone can join this contest by following the rules.Let's see the rules :

  • Title Topic - Around The World Pet Photography contest 10 steem prize pool.
  • Share your Pet photography.
  • You have to post must be in the Around-theworld community
  • Mention your 3 friend in your post.(For Invitation)

  • You have to added your post link in comment

  • Entries must be original work - No Plagiarism

  • Short description is warmly welcome

The last time of this contest is 15-7-2021 and then i will start new contest.


1st Place3.5 Steem
2nd Place3 Steem
3rd Place2 Steem
4th Place1 Steem
5th Place0.5 Steem

Thanks to our Community Admin @art-bangladesh and also thanks to moderator @oppongk and @around-theworld for your cordiality for this community.

Also thanks to our Copyright checker team who work hard against of plagiarism.

Big Thanks to stephenkendal sir for promoting steem always,also thanks for the support.

Best Regards @nevlu123 And Special Thanks to All Friends who are supporting this Post



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Very handsome Zeus🤗 I congratulate you 👏

Muy guapo Zeus🤗 te felicito 👏

Gracias es un principe perruno.

Éso cuánto amor @wendyalexa me recuerdas a mi hija @doubleg8 con Bimbo😅🤗

Pigeons are very intelligent so they can be trained and they are also very beautiful 🤗👌👏

Las palomas son muy inteligentes por eso se pueden entrenar y además son bellísimas 🤗👌👏

Saludos Amigos del mundo , es un placer participar este concurso siempre es bueno este tipo de concursos e iniciativas para que como seres humanos aprendamos a respetar , cuidar y conservar a nuestros animales domesticos .

Siempre recordando que nuestro animalitos domesticos son compañeros , amigos , son parte de la familia y en el camino de nuestra vida nos van dejando reflexiones

Aquí les dejo mi participación

Espero les guste Saludos

Beautiful contest

I love that white cat so so much! I feel like sketching it.

 last year 

Great contets

 last year 

nice contest

Excelente concurso... bendiciones a todos.

Great contest.

Hola amigos. Buenas noches. Saludos a todos. Estoy feliz de participar en este bello concurso en honor a nuestras mascotas. Mi participación:

Friend @nevlu123 excited about this beautiful Pet Photo Contest. Here is my participation:

Amigo @nevlu123 entusiasmada con éste precioso Concurso de Fotografías de Mascotas. Aquí les dejo mi participación:




Buenas noches 🤗 comparto mi participación @nevlu123 con ustedes.
Saludos y bendiciones para todos

Hello! My entry.



Hola que bueno que encontre este concurso casi que termina y me apure en hacer mi publicacion.


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