#club5050 // Сontest "Photos of feathered friends" week 24

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Hello my dear friends!

So the next competition week about birds has come. You have sent only 2 works, despite this, they are each unique in their own way. Of course, no job will be left without remuneration! It's summer now, there are a lot of birds on the street! Be more active, invite your friends via @. We are always glad to welcome new participants and delegates!

I decided to make the title picture brighter this week. Just look at what a cool picture this time.

Сontest STEEM PLANTS  Week #16.jpg

The rules of the contest are quite simple:

  1. Writing a post in the community https://steemit.com/trending/hive-176147
  2. Description of at least 200 words, without plagiarism!
  3. The language of the post can be any!
  4. The photos must be original, i.e. at least 1 piece taken by you.
  5. In the title of the contest we write "Photos of feathered friends" and whatever you want!
  6. We use the first tag #featheredfriends, I'm looking for posts by tag, so if you don't specify your post, I won't find it.
  7. In the post, be sure to mention me as the organizer of the contest @strawberrry and a link to this post. We leave a link to your post in the comments!
  8. Vote for this post ❤️

There will be 5 winners in total who will receive 0,2 steem.

The deadline for writing the post is the beginning of 13.08.2022, the end of the contest is 19.08.2022. And on 20.08.2022 we will determine the winners.

I am waiting for beautiful photos and posts from you!

I am waiting for beautiful photos and posts from you!

А сейчас давайте наградим победителей прошлой недели./And now let's reward the winners of last week.








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Поздравляю победителей!

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Gracia amiga @fresa, me agradan los temas de esta comunidad y claro , estaré activo.

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