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image.png launched about a week ago and created a bridge between Steem and BSC networks. Earlier I wrote an article named An Important Milestone For Steem: Robiniaswap Launch about Robiniaswap, a DEX like Pancakeswap. Today, I would like to focus on the price of the platform's token, RBS.

Robiniaswap got off to a good start, reaching a locked total of $10 million in a short period. RBS, the platform's token, has experienced a serious loss in value in recent days. The most important reason for this is the rapid increase in the amount of Robinia tokens in the market. Users sell RBS tokens they earn from pools and farms, taking into account the downtrend of the RBS price. RBS tokens are offered to the public through a fair launch. In this method, the token supply starts high and runs at a decreasing rate over time. We are currently at a stage where 86,400 RBS is produced daily. As of tomorrow, the number of RBS produced per day will decrease to 57,600. And after 4 days that number will have decreased to 28,800 RBS. (Source:

The Bitcoin stock-to-flow model taught us how the supply of a cryptocurrency is decisive in price. As you know, the amount of Bitcoin produced halves every 4 years, and this causes the beginning of an upward trend in Bitcoin price. It is possible to examine the situation more closely in the chart below.


I believe a similar scenario will apply to the RBS price. At the time of writing this article, the RBS price is $0.58 and continues to decline. Robinia's total market value has dropped to $345,000 due to the rapid price drop. However, the total market value of Nutbox Pnut, which similarly bridges Steem and Tron is currently $ 3.7 million. (Source: Tronscan-Pnut

Another BSC DEX with a close LTV, Cubdefi has a market cap of $2.7 million. (Source: figures imply 5-10x potential in Robiniaswap's total market cap.

Robiniaswap will start offering Bid-Bot service soon. The company is still accumulating Steem for this purpose. Vote purchases using RBS will significantly increase the token burn, which is currently around 5000 RBS per day.

Fundamental analysis shows that RBS is currently attractive for investment. From a technical analysis perspective, it would be appropriate to wait for the downtrend to stop and an upward rally to begin. Such an approach is safer but may increase the cost of acquisition. You may also consider gradual buying.

Those who do not want to take the price risk of RBS can also earn RBS by paying a 3% commission and staking Steem or another cryptocurrency. On the platform, Steem's annual APR is currently reported as 200% right now.

What I wrote above is not investment advice. And, I'm not an investment expert. You better do your own research.

You can follow the developments on the subject via @robinia, the official Steemit account of the platform.

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Thank you for reading.

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I can see the price reduction with the token and it's because more people are selling the token however looking at the long-term perspective it's important that the community hold these tokens for long. If Everyone keep on selling the tokens in the market that for sure it will not be possible to all the price and it will keep on declining. Thanks for sharing this price analysis about the RBS token and hope it helps the community to understand about the token.

Hello friend, I find your analysis on robinia very interesting, you can see the price drop that was expected, but I particularly think that in the future it will be very beneficial for those who are active on the steemit platform for the Bid-Bot service, we must remain in expectation of what will happen in the medium and long term.

See you later my friend, have a great weekend.

Thank you! The price of RBS has returned from 0,47 USD and it is worth 0,61 USD right now. They have bought 500.000 Steem as they promised and Steemed up. The bid bot is planned to begin voting next week.

Hello buddy!

Well I think I really needed some analysis for RBS and here you provided us with it so thanks a lot.

Somehow we need more people to hold the token instead of selling it in any near opportunity if we are willing to see higher prices for it. I'm not sure whether that's possible or not though. But still even now and the price goes down a little bit it's still a great chance to invest in it.

 2 years ago 

Dear @muratkbesiroglu

Finally, I've found some time to catch up with reading previously bookmarked publications.

Thanks for sharing your experience related to RobiniaSwap project. Hopefully price of RBS token reached its bottom already and will stabilize soon.

Robiniaswap will start offering Bid-Bot service soon

I'm also waiting for it patiently :)

I will drop some solid upvote soon (need to wait for voting power to recharge).

In meantime, please check my recent post published on @project.hope: ARE YOU MINING RBS (RobiniaSwap) tokens? Do not sell it. DO THIS INSTEAD
Cheers, Piotr

I've been watching RBS's tokenomicson on bscscan and noticed that the number of RBS holders has just doubled in the last couple of days. RBS has been also listed on both Coingecko and Coinmarketcap in such a short period of time! And it seems the Steemit Bid-bit is just around the corner
Quite Bullish

With the look of things, I still believe the downtrend time will not last long and so it will still pick, still sustaining 200% annually is still a very wonderful investment I must say

Hello @muratkbesiroglu, I really appreciate that you have shared this good analysis with us, it is important to always be informed. I think that those of us who are staking with RBS, we could expect a little more a rise in the market, it is just a new token and it is well worth giving it a try.

By the way, very good post.

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