Christmas Is here!

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Pandemic ( Covid 19 ) would remain a historical event in 2020, I had to celebrate Christmas in a secluded environment due to general lockdown I was unable to travel to avoid spreading/contracting the virus staying indoor to celebrate Christmas last year was an awful experience although considering my health and that of my loved ones staying indoor was the best measure to prevent further spread of the virus.

Considering the increasing rate of inflation in the world economically government/financial institutions have been doing their best to stabilize the financial budget in each country with pandemics we have seen a major decrease in all financial services with low budgets, decrease in job creation, and more.

There hasn't been much improvement in my country's economic growth everything seems to remain static, although with all business activities back to operate there is cash flow with more goods and services in circulation this has been an important improvement since the lockdown ease it's a good sign this year Christmas will be more fun than the previous year.

Upcoming Christmas dream

I'm sure this year Christmas will be fun, I will be spending time with the entire family since it has been a while we had a family reunion it will be amazing this year as we have already started planning to converge to celebrate together as one big extended family.

My dream for this year's Christmas is working towards having a more fruitful 2022 having plans of setting up a side business that will serve as an additional source of income, furthering my education will be another achieved dream since am done with my first degree would love to have my Master degree.

More fun for everyone

I'm quite reassured this Christmas will be more fun, having my loved ones around will be fun, first on my list will be visiting my parents, my friends, and family relatives, get to know/visit interesting places go for shopping.

Christmas is known for love and sharing my aim is to reach as many friends as I can, my families, reach as many people as I can put smiles on their faces by making them feel loved.


Wish you all a Merry Christmas ahead

 2 months ago 

We are one day away from the arrival of December, a very important month for many people including myself.

I wish you a great Christmas where you can achieve your dreams and goals and above all that you can be with all your family.

You have a really great dream for the forthcoming Christmas. I hope your dream of setting up a business as a side income becomes a reality.

No doubt, this Christmas is going to be a memorable one for all of us.

Nice one buddy

Thanks for your time and best wishes sure it will be fun and memorable.

Thanks i hope you have a wonderful time with your loved ones as well cheers.

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Dear @mccoy02

I will be spending time with the entire family since it has been a while we had a family reunion

Hopefully it will be fun. As you've pointed out in your post.

Thanks for sharing your dreams with all of us :)

staying indoor to celebrate Christmas last year was an awful experience

Indeed. For many that was an awful experience. And yet - it may be repeated again.

Upcoming Christmas will surely be very strange and unpredictable. Especially since this new strain of Covid virus seem to be an excuse for most goverments to introduce strict lockdowns and enforce people to stay home. It's sad and miserable solution, which proved not to work till now. And it seem to be repeated again.

I'm myself currently happily in Malaysia, where it's warm and cosy. I love experiencing snow for a day or two, but feeling cold longer than that is a BIG NO GO for me :)

did you ever experience snow in your lifetime?

Stay safe my friend,
Cheers, Piotr

Sure, i'm sure it will be fun with such large gathering.

Strick measures have been taken which economically it has affected the nation and individually our finance earnings have been cut low due to restricted movement, we continue to hope things get better with time.

I've not actually experience Snow in my lifetime although i would love to experience one someday.

Thanks for your warm feedback do appreciate.

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