Am I Late To Be A Steemian?

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Steemit is an amazing platform. It gives everyone opportunities to be vlogger, blogger, photographers and developers. It is different from when in 2017. There are many side chains and dapps today. Some talented ones become strong steemians. Nowdays, Some communities are created based on the interests so members can choose what their hobbies and interests to join.

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I know, I am a new though I registered in 2017. I was like surfing in unknown jungle when I was back to my account after passive for almost three years. Most my followers that joined in 2017 are inactive now. Do they know that steemit has changed? I am not sure about them. At first , when I was back to login about two months ago, I still felt the same but when I dropped by steempeak, I was waken up that the platform has changed. I learned about steem engines and that was an amazing engine though I was not a developer.

I was so motivated when I read a post from @xpilar. He is a great man.


He gave me much power for me to keep up my motivation. He is 66 years old. I don't read his bio much but from his posts I know he is an energetic man with photography as his hobby. Thanks @xpilar you have waken me up.


the process of changing to suit different conditions

That is the first thing I should do. I should adapt to the communties, steemit cultures, platform and many things to be a true steemian. It is not easy for the first time but I am sure I can do.

Better late than never

I know that I am late but I remember a proverb " better late than never" I still have time. I hope I still have it. The world of steemit is just changing. After hardfork and splitted two platfrom Hive and Steem. I think this is the best time to be and to start. I was also inspired by @josevas217 post few days ago. You'd better read this article.

Last words

I am late? I say " Yes" I am late to be steemian but I still have an open opportunity in this platform to be a true steemian. A true steemian for me has meaning live, think, work, earn and help others with steemit platform. I am sorry to make my own term with the word " A true steemian". An open opportunity that I should seize with hardwork, contribution and positive thinking with the platform. I know that there are negative comments, views and even attacks to steemit. I think they have rights to do such things but what they do make me be nothing. I am late but I will grab the chance for the second time. Thanks for reading and don'f forget to be my friend @lebah because I will be a friend for you.


It seems you've actually known about Steemit before me. I could remember I signed up on Steemit two years ago when I was actually making a personal research about cryptocurrency. You've already been a member of Steemit since 2017 which was a year after Steemit was developed but you were not really that active due some personal reasons known best to you.

I'll say no one is ever late to be part of Steemit, I think what really matters most is your impact in the community which is done by the type of content you create or the type of publication you give your audience which tends to get you cool upvotes in return. You are never late on Steemit you are just right on time and I also seem to love how @xpilar motivated you even though he is actually known for such act just like @crypto.piotr 😊.

Thanks for your lovely comment with love from @hardaeborla and I hope you have a great day ahead ❤️💕❤️💕❤️💕❤️

Thanks @hardaeborla you are a great writer, I always read your post in PH. Yes, I signed in April 2017. The early steemit.

Hi @lebah

thank you for your warm words about me

Yes, @xpilar your post has waken me after sleeping for long time

Hello dear @lebah, thanks for sharing your experience.

Great story friend, I must tell you that it is worth being here, thanks for deciding to return to this wonderful platform.

Communities have become a great engine of help, hope, commitment and mutual support.

Project HOPE community is a great place to be, interact, develop and establish bonds of friendship and commitment.

Welcome to Project HOPE!

Thanks @fucho80 to drop by my post. PH is growing, I hope the growth will be supported by all members with good friendship.

I do not think you are late there is never a time that is late to start a good thing the impact we are able to offer is what makes us stand out.

I agree with you there is still time to restart for me

There is always time to do what we like my friend. I think we all had a few breaks on steemit, me too, but today I believe that this platform can still have a future despite the split with hive. Unfortunately, the real problem is that we all write but few read the posts of others. This is why I like @project-hope because it encourages both writing and commenting on posts. I am sure that if you start from here you will have great growth opportunities.😉

That is your point . PH hope really gives me a hope

I thought I wrote you a positive comment. But from the way you answered me I think you misunderstood me. Sorry I will avoid writing to you in the future. Thanks.

I´m in a similar situation, I was very active in 2018 and 2019 but due to time management problems I had to step away, and after some long months I came back last week and I'm completely lost. Now I need to learn to be a "true steemian" again :D

Welcome back @diogosatos Yeah " true steemian"

@lebah its never to be late , the time we realized its the new beginning. just see KFC also the founder started very late now its a huge success.

Thanks , I know the bio of Kolonel Sanders , He is a great man

I don't think you are late at all this is a good time to come onboard and with the quality of vote you have, are doing well for yourself some of us have been here for a very long time and we do not have such vote, enjoy yourself friend.

Thanks for your motivation

Steemit is not about how long we started, it is about finding the appropriate support system and since you have one already, you are set to achieve much on the platform.

Agree , it is not how long we are , I know contribution is better than counting how long we are

I really like your energy, this is what we need on the network. It's never too late to start, the most important thing is to start and dare, great publication a hug.

Hello @lenonmc21 thanks for your comment. The network has changed, we should bring value together. We are all assets to the network. Great and beautiful contribution in publication is one the key to make steem valuable to outside world.

There is never a late period dear friend, as long as the platform is existing, it is a good day and time to start something new.

Thanks @papa-mensa , the platform has given me a second chance. It was not easy at first to get accustomed to the cultures in steemit. However, I learn a lot and still learn a lot of things from other members.

I should adapt to the communties, steemit cultures, platform and many things to be a true steemian. It is not easy for the first time but I am sure I can do.

Nothing is impossible, if there is a will.

I am late? I say " Yes" I am late to be steemian but I still have an open opportunity in this platform to be a true steemian.

Blockchain technology always develops rapidly from year to year, so it's never too late. :thumbsup:

I believe that the development of the platform is for everyone include me. Terima kasih @aceh.point apa kabarnya Aceh, banyak member hebat dari Aceh di platform ini.

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Talking about arriving sooner or later implies talking about time.
If we relate the time and Steemit, we could induce that we would be reaching a point of no return.

Is Steemit time limited?

In my opinion the answer is NO.

Steemit is a platform with so much potential that I am sure it has more future than past.
We will always be on time to be a steemian, it will always be a good time to create an account, enter and discover a new world of possibilities.

My call is to all of us to promote our beloved platform among our friends and family. Let's even get back to contacting those old users who walked away and bring them back.

You are true @juanmolina , steemit is a platform, there is no limited time. I understand that there are users that leave steemit because they don't make what they want from this platform. My experience is that we need read a lot of posts or learn a lot from the great accounts in steem so we can follow what they do. Though, we can make the same as them at least we follow the right track in this platform.

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I totally agree with you.

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Dear @lebah

Finally I managed to read your post. I bookmarked it like 2 days ago, to ensure to check it out once I have some free time :)

Nowdays, Some communities are created based on the interests so members can choose what their hobbies and interests to join.

Personally I think communities is one thing that made this place worth our time. Without them, content discovery here has a been a nightmare. It was just so hard for people having similar interests to find our publications within thousands of other posts on our feed (including resteemed posts).

I am late to be steemian but I still have an open opportunity in this platform to be a true steemian.

I think you're not late. You're almost right on time. With communities already functioning - NOW it is a PLACE TO BE.

Solid read, upvoted already.
Yours, Piotr

Thanks for visiting my post. I think I still have a chance in the second time in this platform. I agree that it is a place to be.

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