Robot ‘dog’ named Spot, social distancing. Covid-19

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In particular, for some time now I have admired Singapore for various reasons, such as the way in which they have eradicated corruption by applying strong measures, attacking the problem at the root. What has now turned it into a country with economic-political and social stability, capable of facing any situation that may arise, even if it is complicated as COVID-19 is today.

I consider it a country prepared from the human and technological point of view. Therefore, they have not stopped working, applying various protection measures to combat the virus that is attacking worldwide. Hand in hand with technology and the things he has put into practice is the Robot dogs police, to apply social distancing.

I like technology and that sense in my Twitter account I am a follower of many accounts that have good technology news today, May 11, browsing Twitter I read this news Robot dogs police social distancing in #Singapore. from The National account @TheNationalUAE

This news was amazing to me, seeing how somehow that country (Singapore) acquired Robot in order to cope with social distancing, the government announced that it would begin to deploy Spot, the famous yellow and black canine robot of Boston Dynamics, in a local park.


The robot "dog" will patrol the area of a park and transmit a prerecorded message to visitors to remind them of the importance of social estrangement, the robot is scheduled to run on a limited test for two weeks in a park during off-peak hours.

Not long ago, Singapore was being hailed as one of the countries that had gotten its coronavirus response right.

Singapore had a model response to coronavirus, then the cases increased, this experiment will be put into practice, to improve the application of social distancing throughout Singapore, as it faces an alarming increase in cases.

For more information, please visit Digital Government Office of Singapore

I will be monitoring the results of this experiment that will be carried out in a country that I admire.

As always, robotic technology together with AI, go hand in hand at the forefront, that news took me to the company page Boston Dynamics and I could see the progress In robotics that company has to offer, I hope you can visit the Boston Dynamics page I know you would like very much.


What do you think about this measure that Singapore will carry out, of using technologically prepared robots equipped with security sensors to detect objects and people on their way, to promote distancing. ?

Can other countries follow that example?

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It is a great use of technology although it would take some getting used to.

I think they could be used in many large parks and remote areas for a number of things beyond the current requirement around social distancing.

Great story, thanks.

 5 months ago 

Yes, it is also thought for that. If you visit the company page you can see a video of the multiple uses it can have.

So interesting. Thanks for sharing @lanzjoseg

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 5 months ago 

Thank you @steemcurator07, greetings from Venezuela

This is a great technological invention and I only wonder what it would be used for after the pandemic is over.

 5 months ago 

If you visit the company page you can see a video of the multiple uses it can have.

@lanzjoseg we need many more advance gadgets so that we can fight this covid 19 and in future situations.

 5 months ago 

You are right and I support you in that. I think that many companies can do something to combat this virus.

super cool dynamic Boston work, looks ridiculously bright, this is the future

 5 months ago 

HAHA certain friend, is the future. I want one of those robots ..

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