How to win friends and influence people of Dale Carnegie. Good conversationalist.

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(Capítulo II) Fourth part.


Easy way to become a good conversationalist

Listened to without interruption.

Listening carefully is not a common thing, to be honest, as conversations between people usually are: someone wants to express an idea and wants to be heard without interruption, but the reality is that the other person also wants to be heard at the same time; so here is a dilemma who has the right to be the speaker and who the listener? We all like to be heard, there is no doubt about it. Paying attention to the speaker without measuring the time is something that has to be worked on because if I want to be heard, I must also listen to others.

The human imperfection is present, today in this world so competitive, changing, and accelerated accounts things left aside and do not pay attention, perhaps if we spent more time listening we could avoid many things.

Important to be heard.

In the family, in friendship, in business in all these areas of our life, it is important to be heard, it is what we want; putting it into practice does not seem so difficult when you really see its importance, I feel that you can lose a lot if you do not give yourself the opportunity to listen but with careful attention, it can even be an art "to know how to listen".

Time to hear more.

Reading is very enriching, I will take my time to listen more because it is not that I listen to people, but that suddenly I do not listen to all of them; in spite of this accelerated time that I have.

Reading is useful and I continue in my constant learning.




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Thanks for visiting, I appreciate your opinion.

"In constant evolution".


Thanks for sharing another topic of this book, I really appreciate it and I love what I read.

 8 months ago 

Hi @benie111

It's a great book worth reading and sharing with everyone.

Hello @lanzjoseg.

It is key to listen more, many times we focus on talking more believing that there is this solution, but it turns out that to build excellent personal relationships between people we must listen more and we will be well rewarded.

Excellent analysis of the book, thanks for sharing. Greetings

 8 months ago 

If friend @carlos84, is a way to solve big problems, of course we must also know how to listen to the most important thing in the conversation.

Hi @lanzjoseg
nice topic from such a nice book. I am also going through another topic and will share it today or tomorrow. There is a lot to read and learn in this book and I enjoy the reading.

 8 months ago 

Hi @alokkumar121
If we have a lot to read and learn from this great book, I am very happy to be reading and sharing with everyone.

There is a saying that "if you have two ears and a mouth, then it listens to twice as much as you talk".

 8 months ago 

Excellent friend @trabajosdelsiglo. I'm going to be very sincere. I just learned a new saying, which is very practical.
I tell you that I am going to place this great phrase on my WhatsApp profile.

Listening has a lot of great advantage it offers, even the good book advices us to be quick to listen but slow to speak, a person who is a good listener always adds to his or her table of knowledge.

 8 months ago 

Hi @ben-edom

That is a rule that must be followed, listen to add knowledge .

 8 months ago 

Dear @lanzjoseg

I'm glad to hear that you've been enjoying this particular book (recommended by Juan). I myself am trying to read one chapter after another in weekly manner (I'm just such a slow book reader :P)

Listened to without interruption.

I consider myself very good listener, however sometimes I found it difficult not to interrupt. Especially if person I'm listening to is already jumping from one topic to another. And by the time he/she would make a pause -> we're already 3-4 topics away from original one.

I often wonder - how not to interrupt and at the same time ensure that we would stay on one topic, discuss it and only then move to another one. This may be very challenging.

Have a great day ahead buddy,
Yours, Piotr