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Analyzing a little we can see that @omo-ope is an account created in April 2018. This user made his first publication in 2018 and it was a total plagiarism. All the text in this post was a copy / paste.
Then, all of his subsequent posts were on project hope starting in March 2020 where he managed to accumulate quite a few rewards despite his short stay in our beloved community.
It has only made 14 comments since its inception.

All this indicates that @homo-ope is a spam account used to try to obtain rewards through plagiarism.


  • Before we start supporting the work of any new content creator subscribers, we should review their story on steemit.
  • Try to interact with this user in order to verify that it is legitimate.
  • Start supporting it with small upvotes and then, once your commitment is verified, increase the power of the upvote.
  • If any indicator of plagiarism or spam is detected, include these users in a "Blacklist."

Finally, I have a proposal for @crypto.piotr and about which I would like to know the opinion of our subscribers:

For some time I have been handling the idea of ​​implementing a "White List" for subscribers/content creators in our community.

  • Members who become part of our White List will be beneficiaries of the highest levels of curatorship. For this they must meet some basic requirements of commitment, level of activity and behavior.
  • Not belonging to the White List does not exclude subscribers from receiving upvotes.
  • The whitelist membership can be revoked at any time if the user does not comply with the rules.

What do you think?

 3 years ago (edited)

Wow. What a deap analysis @juanmolina

I appreciate your comment and thanks for understanding and support to my decision

For some time I have been handling the idea of ​​implementing a "White List" for subscribers/content creators in our community.

The truth is that I put enough effort to talk to every single person who is starting to post within our community. I'm trying to learn a bit about each user, share our goals and informations about our project economy.

So each user is kind of being "screened" by me and I support with upvotes only those, who gave me impression that they share similar values and interests. Obviously some mistakes do happen. However I'm not really into building public whitelists or blacklists. At least not in traditional sense of it.

Like I said - my goal is to learn about each user who is posting within PH and to decide which users I want to support in the future. I just need to be more careful

Hope I'm making sense,

 3 years ago 

I understand you dear friend. I respect and accept your decision.

That is an important point what you bring as a proposal @juanmolina
A white list in some ways can help counter these abuses, as well as allowing for better control. Your review of this user's blog is important.

 3 years ago 

Thanks, i appreciated it.

 3 years ago 

I think the ideas suggested in this comment are good ideas.

 3 years ago 

Thanks, time will tell.

I support this

 3 years ago 


Excellent set of suggestions. I think all communities should adopt something similar. @informationwar community has done a lot of things right IMHO.

 3 years ago 

Thanks, i´ll check it.

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