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Several days ago I wrote about forming a partnership between our Project.hope community and a team of Korean developers (@RoadOfRich), who are being led by quite a well-known team leader: @Nia

You can check this post: here.

As many of you already know, RoR is launching a new project very soon: RobiniaSwap

Together with some of our community members, we're supporting their efforts and our goal is to bring more traffic and exposure to their project. This post is addressed to all those of you who would be interested in showing your support and helping us out with that task (while earning a few bucks on the side).

Did I get your attention already? I hope so :)

LAUNCH DATE - small update


Before I go any further, please allow me to remind you that the launch date HAS BEEN CHANGED from 24th of September to 1st October 2021.

You can find more details on Robinia Discord server.



Most of the time, projects that are trying to build their exposure on Steemit seems to be doing it all wrong. Instead of supporting people who test their tools and write their own feedback (based on their own experience), different strategies are being executed: users are being asked simply to write a publication about a project and post it on their profiles.

That request usually ends up with everyone re-writing previously published posts without really putting an effort to learn much about the promoted project. Most authors would open a few recent articles explaining what the project is about and often simply re-phrase it, while hoping to be rewarded (with solid upvote) for the job being done.

In my personal view, this is not the way to get far. I would rather focus my efforts on making sure that everyone who participates in a similar marketing campaign is DEEPLY involved. That such a person will put an effort to test the tool/software, learn about it and only then share honest feedback.

I strongly believe that this would allow us to build a core of a community around RobiniaSwap. A community that would be helping to build trust towards the promoted project. After all, to bring some traffic is one thing, but to get people involved ... that's another story. And any sort of involvement does rely heavily on trust.

Hope I'm making sense so far.



Let's combine both previous paragraphs. We already know that RobiniaSwap will launch on the 1st of October and I would like to ensure that by that time most members from our Project.hope community will understand what RobiniaSwap is about, how it works and mostly: how can we all help them to be successful.

RobiniaSwap is not yet available, however it will be very similar to PancakeSwap. So those of you who know how PancakeSwap operates will already have an advantage.

In order to even start our adventure with PancakeSwap (and RobiniaSwap), everyone would have to learn how to set up MetaMask, learn what MetaMask is for and why we need it.

So my plan is quite simple and straightforward:

Since it will be crucial for everyone who participates in our little marketing campaign to understand both topics.

I would request all participants to publish 2 articles on their Steemit/Hive accounts:

  • first one: about MetaMask
  • second one: about PancakeSwap

Both posts will have to be based on your own experience with setting up and checking out those 2 tools. The goal is obviously to help you get educated about both tools, knowing that this experience will be essential to understand RobiniaSwap once it will be launched.

It's also a GREAT OPPORTUNITY to learn to work together as a team, and to earn some JUICY upvotes (we manage quite a solid voting power on both chains: steemit and hive).

CONTACT ME if you want to participate


Please contact me via discord (details below) if you find this topic interesting. I will then provide you with more information.



I've received a similar question already and I would rather clarify it right away.

I do not get paid for my support to the RoR team and their new project RobiniaSwap. If I receive any payment, all of it will be used to reward people who were involved and help to turn their work and efforts into Robinia success story.

I've invested 3 years of my life into Steemit and most of my resources are being held on Steem blockchain. Therefore, it is crucial for me to support projects built by teams of developers who are active and engaging on STEEM.

I believe that if we want our blockchain to be successful, then we all should have a similar mindset.

Yours, @crypto.piotr
Founder of Project.hope community


-Some useful links:
discord:Contact @crypto.piotr,
Robinia discord server:
More info about RobiniaSwap:
Posts by other authors:

Greetings my dear friend @crypto.piotr, I very much agree with what you say, particularly it draws my attention to be able to participate more actively with the use of this tool, even before it goes into operation to be able to explain to others how it works It is not just about getting to know the project, but about actively participating in it.

On the other hand, I also understand your point of view and your request, at the end of the day all De Fi use almost the same formula as Uniswap, which is the same as Pancakeswap, so whoever learns to handle these platforms can explain how it works. from Robiniaswap once it goes live.

Fortunately, I have had the opportunity to know both Metamask (it is my wallet for daily use) and also pancakeswap, so I would like to participate in your initiative, count on me.

Once again grateful for giving us these excellent opportunities to continue growing within the platform.

PS: I would like to invest in Robiniaswap;)

 11 months ago 

Glad to have you on board @karupanocitizen

Hi @crypto.piotr.

Interesting content that you share with us this time, I think your great initiative will allow us all to prepare in the best way when the RobiniaSwap project is launched. Regards

Hi @crypto.piotr, this RobiniaSwap project promises to be an application that will help all members of the Steemit platform, that is why we must educate ourselves about it looking for similar applications that allow us to adapt quickly, personally I use daily Metamask and Pancakeswap that gives me a notion of being able to use RobiniaSwap and to impart my knowledge to other users.

Greetings @crypto.piotr 💕😊

I've actually gone through the whole post and from the way you explained Robiniaswap, I think it's really something I'll have more idea of when I am done reading about the project since it's similar to that of Pancake swap and metamask. I'll also love to be amongst the authors of this great project and I'll definitely try my best to come up with a befitting write up or posts concerning what you've said (Metamask and Pancakeswap).

Thanks for sharing this great post with love from @hardaeborla and I hope you have a great day ahead 😊💕

hello @crypto.piotr,
A few days ago after the conference with @josevas217 via zoom on the benefits of this project I realised that I didn't know how swaps work, so I set myself the task of learning how they work.

For me to manage to buy usdt in binance using my bank account in Venezuela, then transfer the BNB to metamask and from there make an exchange in pancakeswap, was a real challenge because of the little useful information I found. I think that if we want Robinia Swap to be known to more people, we as a group should develop articles based on user experience and not just theory.

Yours, @trabajosdelsiglo

 11 months ago 

I just had a chance to read your reply @trabajosdelsiglo

Thanks for being so responsive and for taking the time to write your response. Knowing that you read comments makes me want to check out your publications and share my thoughts :)

Have a great weekend ahead of you,

Hello, I think this is the best way to familiarize yourself with the future project and its development

Hi @crypto.piotr
I have gone through the post and liked your idea about the promotion and sharing more knowledge through experience. I am in and will share my post shortly.

Hello friend piotr.

It seems to me a good project, but as you say I prefer to wait until the project is running to use it and give my impressions based on my experiences, generate a post now would be to explain something about what I have no idea, I hope to leave the first of October this year and thus tell my experiences in this regard, greetings friend.

Well done. Your ideas are always unique and we'll thought. Since most people already have some experience with pancakeswap and the use of crypto wallets, it will be easier to write something unique from personal experiences. Good job.

Interesting information and i am going to explore more about it and very excited for robiniaswap. thank you

I agree with you that learning about similar projects is an amazing way to prepare for the launching, and overall understanding of what RobiniaSwap is about.

@crypto.piotr First of ALL I like the idea of promoting the robiniaswap , most of the people did not know completely about the metamask and how to use it a detail guide will help in smoother operation.

Crypto is very large we cannot learn in one day trying and playing with the other exchange makes us perfect. It's a nice idea to look for similar exchange and learn from it.

I wi definitely take part in the promotion and will soon post both article. So that everyone can learn from it and enjoy.

this is really cool. firstly waiting patience to try out robinaswap and see what is in stock. secondly, will love to participate.

Hi @cryto.piotr
I agree with you because you hit the nail on the head.
Count on me, my best wishes and regards.

Gran trabajo amigo te felicito continua asi, para crear un mejor futuro para todos.


 11 months ago 

english please :)

Steemit is back with a vengeance.

Excellent post and information. Glad to see we are still growing. I use Metamask, but not PancakeSwap. But I think it's a good time to delve more into them and write about my experience. This will allow me to reinforce what I have learned and prepare me to use Robinia Swap better.

Count me in.

 11 months ago 

hi @garybilbao
Please check and reply to your discord DM :)

This is a good way to get our community prepared for the launch of RobiniaSwap. As the saying goes - One learns to do by doing!

As we wait the launch of RobiniaSwap, I think it's a nice idea to learn more about how projects of this kind work.

Hi @crypto.piotr
Indeed, as you say, if you learn how to use metamask and pancakeSwap it will be very easy to use Robinia, since they are all similar.
For my part I have a few days writing about it, both in Spanish and English.

Thank you @crypto.piotr for supporting this new project and I appreciate your efforts. The moment I read that it would be similar to Pancakeswap, it seems to be more exciting to me.
Looking forward to its release!

Thanks @crypto.piotr for this wonderful initiative, you keep ideas that really makes sense. You have my full support on this.

Hello friend, it is a project that looks promising, hopefully it will bring many benefits to the platform, the truth is I have not used pancake, so reading about both will be very good, I will be attentive to its launch.

What does not evolve, dies, so it is necessary to make transformations and any transformation implies an advance and is positive because it generates not only expectations but the need to know and learn more. So let's study to know how to do more and better things. Thanks for the initiative to do more and better. :)

By @hojaraskita

I will participate to give all neccessary support according to my ability. I will gladly help to build a strong RobiniaSawp.

The success of our blockchain is our utmost desire.

 11 months ago 

Hi @crypto.piotr
I am not very familiar with the pancakeSwap tool, however I did learn how to use metamask, in fact I have explained to many people, via phone how to install and how to use metamask.

 11 months ago 

check your discord DM @lanzjoseg

Greetings my friend. It is a good initiative, as you say, when we want to know about a new project usually we find the same publication but reformulated, it would be good to add knowledge about this project before its launch, and a good way to start is to know about similar projects whose experience can bring us closer to know better Robiniaswap.

 11 months ago 

check your discord DM @emiliomoron

Greetings friend @Crypto.piotr, there are several interesting points in the reading, the first of them quoting your text:

Most of the time, projects trying to increase their exposure on Steemit seem to be doing it all wrong. Instead of supporting people who test their tools and write their own comments (based on their own experience).

Applying the methodology that the user speaks based on their own experiences will always be better for a project, this is based on the fact that people will make known the strengths of the project, but also the weaknesses and so the creator reading opinions can improve the things that are difficult to do, or that are incomplete.

On the other hand, learning how to properly use Metamask, sisndo the wallet where transfers are made, and also to practice with similar projects like PancekeSwap is always a great help, when the launch of RobiniaSwap arrives, many users will already have some knowledge about a Swap platform.

Hi @crypto.piotr
I like your idea and would be happy to participate and support the project. Post esteemed and I will dm you. Thanks

Hello @crypto.piotr

I like the methodology you plan, making posts about MetaMask and PancakeSwap, it's a good way to socialize how to enter DeFi. I agree with you, we should make more effort in marketing publications about #RobiniSwap.

The ideas you put forward, would allow us to build a core community around #RobiniaSwap.

Best regards, stay well.

Hello dear friend @cryptopiotr, your publication was very explicit, without a doubt if we want Robinia to be successful we must integrate the users, for this reason, I think that starting to explain the step by step with the use of metamask and making the comparison with pancakeswap seemed to me a great idea, because it allows people to be located on the type of platform that is Robinia.

See you later, have a great week.

Thank you @crypto.piotr for the heads up and this article has given a lot of good information to us that didn't know about the project, I will be reaching out to you about this project very soon ❤

I would love to read more about the new project. If I can help with a big vote on hive, I will also help. (Tipu vote).

Hello dear friend, it is certainly an interesting topic and project, the applications are very similar and metamask is easy to use. Surely it will not be a problem for those who decide to join the project. Regards!

I have been looking for this update and first of all I will say that postponing the launch date is not bad at all, if we want to get things right we should make sure that we get it right once and for all. I will be writing my post about Metamask and Pancake swap very soon.

I think this is actually a good step in the right direction. People need to be taught how to use similar products first, so that when RobiniaSwap launches, it will not be alien to them. More so, a community needs to be created around RobiniaSwap.

To add to it, some people also use the TrustWallet (particular those on the mobile platform) instead of the Metamask. So maybe you can add the option too.

Thanks for sharing this buddy.

Resteemed for added visibility

If it will be similar to PancakeSwap, that sounds really promising! I will for sure look into it and I look forward to actually trying it. Cannot promise that I can write an article on MetaMask and PancakeSwap, but I will do my best, and I will for sure check out RobiniaSwap after its launch!

Hi @crypto.piotr Thanks for the oprtunities that you always offer to this community and to the platform in general, I am researching, reading, to learn and to be able to participate actively in the project, thank you very much and greetings.

Dear friend @crypto.piotr

first one: about MetaMask
second one: about PancakeSwap

This is great dear friend, I have been looking for something to write for a while, so this falls from the sky, I already know how to use pancake and I hope that Robinia will be very successful, surely yes

You have shared a great idea, and I think getting honest feedback is an important part of any campaign. But my question will be ... Pancakeswap works beautifully on Trust wallet as well. Will Robinaswap work on Trust wallet too?

 11 months ago 

Check your discord DM @benie111

Pancakeswap works beautifully on Trust wallet as well. Will Robinaswap work on Trust wallet too?

From what I understand, metamask is being used broadly by desktop users and Trustwallet is being used (instead of metamask) on mobile devices.

Very well said participating in the project is very important i'm patiently awaiting the great launch date thanks for sharing.

 11 months ago 

Check your discord sometimes @mccoy02 :)

Sure changed phone recently i haven't been available recently will download one it now thanks.

Hi @crypto.piotr I have checked their discord and their posts.
By the looks of it it is a solid project in the making.
I would like to participate in this project

A project that looks very good, I'm a little slow with this exchanges and the tools of this, but I will try to investigate to give my grain of sand.

Wow. I liked the idea of RobinaSwap, but put it in the same environment with MetaMask and PancakeSwap, and just... wow.

Looks like PH will be getting wings.

Count me in.

It's a nice initiative and will help many users to dip their toes into some DeFi applications. I'm interested to take part

Nice I just joined the discord page...I hope to find out more about them

 10 months ago 

Ping me on discord once you have a moment to talk about this project :)

Can I meet in it

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