FINALLY! I'm safely back to Malaysia with NEW IDEAS and PARTNERSHIPS coming :) [MUST READ]

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Most of you are already fully aware of my recent personal situation which has been affecting my work and activity here on Steemit lately. I've been moving my entire life back to Malaysia, which in times of pandemic isn't an easy task. On the contrary, it has been quite a stressful and time-consuming process.

Today, I would like to share some great news related to our relocation as well as to inform you all about Project.hope's new partnership, which I hope many of you will find interesting and worth your time and attention. So please, stay tuned and continue reading :)



Luckily, we've made it! Together with Keisha (my Malaysian wife) and our little dog named "Happy" - we've managed to land safely. Currently, we're all going through 2 weeks of home quarantine. Big thanks to all of you, for the good wishes and emotional support I've received.

Perhaps some of you flew in the past with your beloved dog or cat, knowing that those several hours in a plane cargo can have a tremendous impact on the health of your pet. It is quite a stressful experience and the joy of being reunited at the final airport is hard to describe.


MOVING FORWARD - forming an important partnership


This is one of those publications, which may not be the easiest to "consume". However, I would need to ask all of you to invest several minutes of your time to read through it patiently.

In the past, we (Project.hope community) had the chance to support a few small projects launched by the Korean team (@RoadOfRich) and we got to know their leader named @Nia quite well. I believe many of you are already familiar with this name.

Their team has been working hard on releasing and launching their biggest and most important project so far: RobiniaSwap.

FEW WORDS ABOUT RobiniaSwap and reasons to be involved


This project has enormous potential and if you ever heard the term DeFi then you may find RobiniaSwap worth your attention.

Several of our PH members have already written publications promoting their previous projects: SteemScan, WaykiChain and SteemField and have shared their personal feedback. I fully understand that some of you had small issues with those tools and those projects were far from being perfect. But it is important to realize and understand, that for the RoR team it has been also a learning process and each product they release is better than previous ones.

It is also crucial to acknowledge the fact that there aren't many active developers on Steemit who would be trying to build and launch their projects. And helping them grow shall be in all our interests. I hope I do not need to elaborate on the importance of supporting the efforts of people like @Nia, who indeed are doing their best to build useful tools for us.


There are many reasons to support this project and I would like to point out at one which I consider quite important. The other day @Nia wrote to me those words:
Quote: If this service is successful, Our team can secure about 1M SP.

That would obviously create an additional demand for STEEM tokens and hopefully bring its price to another level. Collaborating with such a powerful account would bring real benefits for us all.

Who wouldn't like that? And we can help to make it happen.



Let me start with some important info:
RobiniaSwap is scheduled to launch within roughly 2 weeks (according to plan: 24th-27th of September).

This gives us several days to organize ourselves and support their marketing campaign. And me, together with Josevas217 and Lupafilotaxia will be gathering a team of those of you, who would like to join our efforts.

JOIN discord server NOW


Till then, I would like to invite each one of you to RobiniaSwap discord server:

Check those few posts about RobiniaSwap


Those of you who consider this topic with your time and attention - please visit recent publications introducing RobiniaSwap published by some of our PH members:

  1. Robinia Project and its Crosschain Bridge by @josevas217
  2. Soon we will be able to establish investment strategies in Robinia Swap by @lupafilotaxia
  3. Robinia Swap, a project with great projection by @chucho27

Going through those few posts will give you a rough idea about RobiniaSwap and provide more understanding on what this project is about.


I always appreciate every valuable comment and read them all.

Yours, @crypto.piotr
Founder of Project.hope community


Dear Project.hope members:

I would also like to underline that for recent several months our community has been supported on both chains with solid upvotes coming from account related to RoR team.
(@eric818 has almost 60k SP and 60k HP).

It is our turn to show our support to their efforts.

Thankyou so much for sharing this with us, so happy to hear this and wish you good luck for the launch of this wonderful project.

Hi @crypto.piotr
First of all, I am glad to know that you landed safely in Malaysia with family including happy and this is wonderful news. Good to see you back in action after a long and ROR team well-known name on the steem platform.
I am happy to know that they are going to launch RobiniaSwap and I would love to check the details and share publication about this upcoming DeFi platform.
Thanks for sharing and let's work together to make this project so much popular.
Resteem Done

First of all I am very happy to hear that you and your wife and happy landed safely to Malaysia. But I request you to please stay safe for at least 14 days so avoid any infection. And my good wishes are with you always.

RobiniaSwap , sounds cool I would definitely like to check and invest in the project. Currently defi is performing very well. And we all know ROR and team from long time.

They have delivered very nice projects before also. I am happy and my wishes are with them this project will be huge success.

Lastly togather we can Change anything and be successful.

This is absolutely a great project and I believe that Robiniaswap will become massive in the crypto space. I can't wait for the launch and I have also decided in my own capacity to join to create awareness for this great project. Nice one.

PS: glad to know that you are already doing well in Malaysia. You have a lovely family :)

Stay safe buddy.

This is really a great initiative I must say a
Which will help to form a formidable partnership with this awesome project and at the long run will be an additional advantage to both steem blockchain and project hope community in general

Greetings @crypto.piotr 💕😊

I firstly want to congratulate you for your successful journey to Malaysia. I'm really happy you and your family had a very safe trip to Malaysia despite all the challenges you might have encountered. Congratulations once again!

As for Robiniaswap, I must say I'm really impressed with the team involved most especially since @Nia is involved in the project. The previous projects such as steemscan, waykichain and steemfield are really some of the best project I've seen on the steem blockchain so far. I love the fact that we can easily swap our steem tokens easily at a very cheap rate using Steemscan and I am also very optimistic about Robiniaswap when it comes to solving more problem on the blockchain since the team involved are experienced developers.

I can't wait for Robiniaswap to launch this September and I don't mind being part of the PH-members supporting the project.

Thanks for sharing this great post with love from @hardaeborla and I hope you have a great day ahead ❤️💕😊

Greetings dear friend @crypto.piotr, good that everything related to your move has gone according to your plans, this RobiniaSwap platform is a very important project and it is a pleasure to be able to participate in this project.

Best wishes my friend.

First of all, it's quite nice to see him in pictures, for a new member like me who doesn't know him that well, it's interesting to see him with his family. Hoping that everything continues to flow in the best way.

About the support of and alliance with @Nia, well, count on me to follow him, support him and his movements. Whatever is for the good of the community, I'll be there.

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