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The amount of data related to the recent corona-virus outbreak; news, fake news and gossips that we've all been bombarded with has surely been overwhelming. And it seems that many people I discussed this topic with, are just simply tired and sometimes bored with this issue.

It also seems that this topic has been covered by almost every possible angle. I've seen discussions about the direct consequences of being infected or being in quarantine. Discussions about the impact on the world economy, manufacturing and supply chain, oil consumption etc.

However, today I would like to look at the entire crisis from a different point of view. And hopefully, some of you can help me out and find some answers.



Within the past year, I've listened to many youtubers and talked to a number of educated people about the impact of pollution on global warming and climate change. I've learned to believe that different parties have different agendas and different beliefs. And till now I'm not sure if we (humans) even have a real impact on the world's climate - or are we just a little extra "addition" to changes which are taking place anyway.

Right now, I would like to make an assumption (however true or not) that pollution created by our activity around the world is indeed impacting world climate and all that CO2 produced across the globe is actually bringing the temperature up (at least in some areas).

Now - what could possibly happen if pollution would be greatly reduced? For a very long China has been the number ONE country contributing to polluting the environment till today. So, let's say that for 3-6 months most factories in China (and across the globe) would stop working. Transportation would also reduce greatly.

It's quite obvious to me, that this would have a great impact. However, until today I didn't see anyone talking about it yet.



Last year/this year winter seemed to be one of the warmest ever. I remember playing with snow when I was just a boy - building snowman and igloos. Right now winter is finishing and I yet didn't see snow - it wasn't snowing here even for a minute during past months. Things definitely changed. And that change is associated (by many) strictly to the increasing rise of pollution, which is apparently bringing the temperature up everywhere across the globe.

I found it hard to imagine, that this would continue. Could anyone share with me your knowledge/opinion on how much the current situation (greatly reduced produced pollution) can impact the global climate?

Are we heading towards the winter of the century?



I read all comments. So please do not hesitate to share your view.

*Yours, Piotr *


We have polluted the earth over the past hundred years (we should be worried), nature holds the balance in doing 'ice ages' or extreme heat in cycles, perhaps this is a bit of both!

Corona virus I personally feel is being blown out of all proportion (other viruses have killed many more people including flu and common cold). Hope there is no hidden agenda behind this from economic viewpoint.

Between the two with added 5G implementation around the world going up in haste, very few listening to warnings from people in the know. Very skeptical seeing the governments, people in charge hand in hand with blatant greed.

Hope I'm wrong, between the devil and the deep blue sea!

@tipu curate

Hi @joanstewart

Thank you for your comment. Appreciate.

I've learned that some people think this issue is blown out of proportion. I believe that media and goverments has been doing everything they can to make it all look smaller. Time will tell.

One thing that is already clear is the fact, that almost entire china is being put on hold. Already few weeks with almost no pollution (and it has been one of the largest contributor in entire global polution). And it may continue much longer. So some consequences surely are to be expected and I wonder what will be the impact on global climate.

other viruses have killed many more people including flu and common cold

One difference is , that there is no other viruses that cannot be detected until it's already way to late. Just few weeks ago people were saying that noone should worry, because SARS killed more than coronavirus. Now we're still comparing it to flu or common cold. Within one month from now we can witness 2 scenarios:

a) problem somehow has been solved
b) amount of infected and carriers within europe alone will exceed what we're already seeing in China.

Either way - economic collapse is on our way. And climate may chance as well. That's at least how I see it. Perhaps I'm taking it seriously because I lived in Asia for 11 years, so I've been following this issue right from the start.

ps. thanks for tipu :)


Movement of people has escalated over the last 30 years, keeping a virus restricted to any one region today is impossible.

Wash hands continuously is best advice being given, avoid crowds where possible, keep basic hygiene first and foremost, teach the children!

I literally wrote about the same thing in my post today. I think we are going into a massive correction, bear market, recession as the credit crunch comes dude. We could always print our way out of situations until now but a resource scarcity is not something you can throw money at and win long term.

Travel and logistics will be hit hard, consumer spending will follow once shortages occur since we live in a Just in Time economy and as these avenues begin to dry up we will see the velocity of capital slow down even further. This will start to hit the banks and we will see a knock-on effect.

 3 years ago 

Dear @chekohler

Thanks for dropping by and sharing link to your own publication on this particular issue. Will check it out right away.

I've read your comment and I'm not sure if you noticed, that I'm focusing on impact of current situation on climat change. Not on economy.

Anyway, I fully agree that credit crunch can be very painful for many and I'm wondering if all those newly printed fiat currencies can help to ease that pain.

We could always print our way out of situations until now but a resource scarcity is not something you can throw money at and win long term.

You've nailed it. Pumping more resources won't help to solve that problem. Supply chain is being disturbed and it may take another decade to fix once it will be completely torn apart.

Perhaps the only good think coming out from printing money is the fact, that it will make it easier for some to pay off their debts. However it raises a questions how those newly printed FIAt will be redistributed and who will benefit and who will suffer the most.

Surely inflation will follow. So all "small people" will suffer greately.

ps. I've noticed that your topics are quite often aligned with topics published within project.hope community. Perhaps you could consider posting within our hive in the future.

Also is there any way to DM you?

Have a pleasant monday,
Yours, Piotr

Well. When it becomes more cold again next winter, the coronavirus is likely to go crazy and cause epidemic (spellcheck), thats what I heard X)

 3 years ago 

I wonder why would that happen @cwow2

Coronavirus proved already that it doesnt care much about temperatures. I've heard many people saying that it will be gone once summer will arrive. And the same people usually do not even know that it's already present in countries like thailand, malaysia, singapore where it's very warm. And it's present in sweeden, norway etc - where it's super cold.

Yours, Piotr

I think the idea is that the colder it is, the weaker your immune system is.
I live in Denmark, next to Sweden, but its not that cold anymore

 3 years ago 

I'm guessing 'cold' means two different things for both of us :)

I used to live in south-east asia so right now staying in Poland seem to be very cold already :P So I consider sweeden freezing.

ps. isn't denmark very south of sweeden? I can imagine that weather in central and north of sweeden must be very different.

Thx for being so responsive, I appreciate it
Yours, Piotr

Properly different ideas of cold :p
Didn't Poland get snow this year?

Bo snow in Denmark (yet) and yes Denmark is south of Sweden, it takes no time from Copenhagen to Malmö :D

Malmö and Copenhagens wheather is not far from eachother, but yes North of Sweden is totally different :D

You are welcome

The amount of fake news by some medias and lies by some government officials make me get bored of hearing or listening to anything concern Covid19. We don't even know who or which to believe anymore.

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Well i relatively don't know much about man's influence on the climate but well from what I've seen and read it seems man's activities when not checked might relatively have a negative influence on mother earth. Nevertheless like you said no one's talking about what will happens if activities cease. There'll be economic problems that I definitely know of. It's a really dicey issues to talk or address

If climate change has a human cause, then the impact of the shutdown of industrial activity will take more than year to come out... if not decades... and that is only if!

Not sure about that big impact so we will expect big winter as we remember from the past, but at least some "positives" will this bring. And I am sure it already is a big thing, just check what industries stopped or paused the production including traveling etc. I hope for a snow man every year :)

My guess is that we are headed towards a period of reduced global economic activity from a variety of reasons. This could rapidly increase the average temperature .5 to 1 degree C from the reduced pollution and aerosol masking effect. Pollution has a lot of effects and cleaning up the air might eventually increase plant and plankton growth perhaps locking up more CO2 and stabilizing the temperature, I don't know - just my personal thought there. Things are changing very rapidly with polar ice melt and methane release also causing changes. !trdo

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Claimed Summer Can Kill Corona Virus

Corona virus (2019-nCoV) is predicted to disappear by summer. The spread of the corona virus is thought to be related to climatic conditions in the world, whether that's true?.
The School of Medicine (Yong Loo Lin National University of Singapore) has researched this (CoVirus).
"Corona virus can disappear along with rising temperatures in China by summer."

This assumption stems from the theory that outbreaks of disease (2019-nCoV) have seasonal patterns of influenza disease and SARS. By summer, cases of this type of disease are decreasing.
In countries with moderate climate such as China and the United States, the flu season usually starts in December with a peak in January or February. After February, flu cases were recorded to decrease. How about the temperature of your country's climate, the same as the temperature in their country (China).

 3 years ago 

Dearest Piotr:

You have approached a different approach to this situation so serious that humanity is living.
You are very right!

As we know, China is the country with the greatest overpopulation on the planet. Its main source of energy is based on thermoelectric generation, which consists of burning large amounts of hydrocarbons that throw tons of pollution into the atmosphere.
In addition to this, the production of CO2 from the car fleet reaches absurd levels.

With the Coronavirus epidemic, Chinese citizens have had to complete a massive quarantine which has transformed their streets into ghost towns. This has had a direct impact on pollution levels, which have decreased drastically.

The satellite images speak for themselves.

Images from NASA

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Hi @crypto.piotr

Thanks for an interesting post and a useful question. You might like this.


The picture shows the pollution over China before and after they shut their factories down due to the virus. What a change!!

This must have a really big impact on the amount of pollution this year and with fewer planes flying, fewer people driving cars, factories shut down - this is going to be one of our cleanest years for a while.

What I want to know is? When people realise that all those business trips weren't really needed. When people realise that they could have worked from home all along. When we consider the impact on the climate. Is there a silver lining in this virus experience that will actually help us adopt more environmentally sustainable ways of working in the future.

I hope that we learn some positive things from this horrible experience.

CORONAVIRUS: I received news from a Chinese friend of mine that the situation in China is improving.

I can tell you that fear is changing the human mind. And the wealthiest people on Earth know that. And they can easily fund all the centralised media to tell all the nations what would fit the best tho their own needs. It happened many times before. Even in last decade. In last two weeks all the major stocks and even bonds are taking the biggest hit. And it will continue...Is that because of the virus? No, it is because of fake market, pumped up into bolivion. Years ago I saw a good historic graph, showing temperatures changing in last 50k years I think. And what we see and feel now is nothing, compared to high temperatures that were in history. So whenever I hear something about climate change, I always think about psychological game, someone trying to have mas of people in line - and make a big profit from all of that. It's always about money...

Greetings dear @crypto.piort the line of my publications revolve around the same theme. Man's intervention on the environment accelerates problems. In several articles I have denounced the cruel and inhuman treatment on the environment generating with it the death of thousands of species of insects which have a specific function.

Insects benefit humanity by putting an end to plagues that can generate epidemics and pandemics, but there is no conscience. I recently wrote about a devastating arson attack on a mountain in Venezuela where I walk every day. It will be impossible to count the number of animals that perished during the event.

With this brief summary I contribute a minimum to the question asked. Thank you for your concern and concern. Greetings friend.

 3 years ago 

Hello friend @crypto.piotr, your experience when you were children practically responds to what you live today, the weather If it has changed considerably in all parts of the world.
There are currents that say otherwise but I also support you.
Venezuela is located in the tropics of cancer above the equator does not have different stations as in other countries.
But this climatic change has been so abrupt that in my area where I live the temperatures at some times have reached 40 degrees and that was something that had never happened, so I can also say that this climate change has particularly affected me .

@juanmolina comment is true since in China the streets are alone because people are inside their home the weather has improved a bit. Currently, only because of the coronavirus there is no change in CO2 pollution as in the days before this epidemic.

Climate change is active who does not want to recognize it is totally crazy.

 3 years ago 

Climate change is quite remarkable nowadays, in places where it usually snowed, it no longer snows like a few decades ago, or places that used to be warm in certain months of the year, because now they are rather cold.

I believe that part of this may be due to human action, which has been increasing pollution levels since the 18th century in an accelerated manner, although by the last decades of the 20th century, alarm voices had been raised and the issue of "Global Warming" was ceasing to be a subject only for academics to be known to the general population, which has given impetus to environmental policies and conservation movements that try to reduce the impact of human factors on global ecology.

I really don't know if a few weeks of low activity can cause big changes in the long term, but seeing the maps of CO2 pollution that other colleagues have shared, I can suspect that at least in the short term the change is quite noticeable.

Since the outbreak of the virus, I've heard many contradictory information about the COVID-19 that I don't even know the one to follow again. In my own opinion, I think some countries have already politicized this outbreak. Well, let's keep out fingers crossed and watch as things unfold.

PS: I made a comment on Juanmolina's post and he mentioned you as the leading coach. Glad to meet you and to be part of the community. I'm also a proponent of emerging technology

First, it is shocking to me that you didn't see snow at all in winter, maybe corona santa held it for the next winter season.

Actually, the rate at which manufacturing companies as well as NASA is polluting the atmosphere is alarming (don't ask why NASA, check how much pollution comes out from flying a rocket and how much radioactive satellitescan be destructive). Back to manufacturing, let me take cement for instance. There is more limestone waste and residue compare to CO and CO2 which is very hazardous to humans and to the environment.

You know Piotr, if we could go back to the stone age when we could only lit woods to cook and to keep warm while the tree canopies cover the little fumes coming out, the world will be a better place.

We do not experience Snow in my country but during the time of winter we often experience Harmattan which makes the environment cold to a reasonable extent but i must be sincere that the previous one was for just a week and after which it has been extremely hot. The temperature is 29°C today at 9:13 AM.

Now - what could possibly happen if pollution would be greatly reduced? For a very long China has been the number ONE country contributing to polluting the environment till today. So, let's say that for 3-6 months most factories in China (and across the globe) would stop working. Transportation would also reduce greatly.

It will be a good approach to palliate the impacts of global warming and the ozone layer depletion. Nevertheless, I honestly do not believe that humans can do much to affect nature. Things seem to be changing because we are obsessed with record taking. Nothing new is happening. We can't bring the sun nor can we make it stay up.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Cheers!

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