3 years ago 

I wonder why would that happen @cwow2

Coronavirus proved already that it doesnt care much about temperatures. I've heard many people saying that it will be gone once summer will arrive. And the same people usually do not even know that it's already present in countries like thailand, malaysia, singapore where it's very warm. And it's present in sweeden, norway etc - where it's super cold.

Yours, Piotr

I think the idea is that the colder it is, the weaker your immune system is.
I live in Denmark, next to Sweden, but its not that cold anymore

 3 years ago 

I'm guessing 'cold' means two different things for both of us :)

I used to live in south-east asia so right now staying in Poland seem to be very cold already :P So I consider sweeden freezing.

ps. isn't denmark very south of sweeden? I can imagine that weather in central and north of sweeden must be very different.

Thx for being so responsive, I appreciate it
Yours, Piotr

Properly different ideas of cold :p
Didn't Poland get snow this year?

Bo snow in Denmark (yet) and yes Denmark is south of Sweden, it takes no time from Copenhagen to Malmö :D

Malmö and Copenhagens wheather is not far from eachother, but yes North of Sweden is totally different :D

You are welcome

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