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A new Witness, a new Hope for every user in the Latino Community

Greetings friends,

A few days ago, continuing with the hard work in order to achieve self-sustainability in the Latino Community (https://steemit.com/trending/hive-188619) it was finally decided to announce something great, and it is nothing more and nothing less that the first Witness Node running on the blockchain destined to represent Latin America (@cotina). As we well know, for a Witness node to grow properly it requires the approval of the blockchain users that is why as the current Community Manager of said community, the last few days I have tried to get in touch with other Witnesses, and Community Administrators with in order to reaffirm my commitment to forging good relationships, in addition to spreading to the maximum the news of the birth of this important project in our blockchain.

If you don't know what a Witness is, you can visit this post .

When contacting the administrator of Project Hope, @crypto.piotr kindly gave me his answer, asking me to talk about COTINA in said community, so today, in response to his call, I am here in order to express my mission and vision for the account. , and the Latino Community. This is my first publication in Project HOPE, for months I have been subscribed to this community, however I had not been presented with an opportunity to publish something that pleases the users who make life here.

Pic Taken with my Redmi Note 10

To begin, I would like to introduce myself, my name is José Demarzo and I operate on the platform under the alias @alejos7ven, I am a developer with experience in the Steem Blockchain, having launched the curation bot of the @steem-seven project, throughout my journey on this platform I have learned endless things from a lot of users and communities, simply with the aim of training myself as a quality user and to be able to provide knowledge to others if someone requires it.


Check my presentation as the new CM here

My arrival in the Latin Community as Community Manager was unexpected for everyone, even for me, however, as soon as I knew about this decision I knew it was time to put everything I learned to the test during my journey in the Blockchain and offer the best for each user who makes life there. Without much hesitation, an action and growth plan was structured that would allow the construction of a community account from scratch capable of providing early stability to Latino users, which has been rare most of the time. In addition, a work team began to be built in the community, since this would facilitate and make decision-making there more flexible.

Cotina, is the name of the Community capable of providing a place in Steemit to 20 countries at the same time, keeping in mind that a community is not a leader but the people who make it up, for that reason it is tried every day to involve the maximum to each member that makes life there. A month ago the account was started at 0, and as a sign of the success of each action taken there, also thanks to the commitment of the members and all the receptivity received today we have an account with 12,642.46 SP (1,233.25 own and 11,409.21 delegates), after this it was decided to take the commitment to progressive growth, and with the Blockchain to another level and everything was prepared to deploy the Witness just a few days ago.


Check the Witness announcement here

With this last decision, it is intended to safeguard the Steem Blockchain, represent Latin America, and trace a more direct path to self-sustainability. We can conclude that COTINA means commitment, dedication, innovation, solidarity and passion. Today I am at the service of any user in Steemit who is looking for a helping hand, I will promote good relations to the maximum because united, we can make a difference, and that is the vision that I want to give to any user in COTINA, brotherhood and companionship.

Thank you all for giving me this space to share the ideas about COTINA, we will continue growing and trying to become Steemit in a better place each day.

Vote for our Witness

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Congratulations, these are the initiatives and help that are needed within the Latino community, hopefully we all understand that this is a give and take to strengthen all of us, excellent initiative.

Thank you friend

Hello friend @alejos7ven

I am glad to see you here, and even more introducing us to COTINA to whom I have already given my support with my vote, I congratulate you for gathering strength and grouping Latino users, no doubt there is still much to do, in Project.HOPE we have a solid group of Latino users, in advance in particular counts with the support that we can offer to help the growth of COTINA.

Best regards, be well.

Resteemed already @alejos7ven

Upvote on the way :)

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