Soooo cute 😍

Thank youuuu❤

HAHAHAHAHA! I loved it.

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed the comic~

aww this is pretty cute :) Great valentine's day comic! Nice to see you back :) <3

@tipu curate

Thanks~!!! I've been pretty slow with making art this year but I'll try my best to keep on posting~

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wow está muy genial tu cómic ❣❣✌

Gracias❤(I don't really know any spanish😅)

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Lol baka baka couple. Tsunderes are the cutests.


"draw ctrl z draw ctrl z repeat for another 50 times"

That's the basis of my style XD

AHAHAHA yes baka baka couple ... a bakaple if you will///no

Pfffft we all suffer from the constant ctrl z

Bahahahahahhahahahaaaaaaaaaa idiots XD that was hilarious XD

I think the things where they actually hurt each other tend to be the more slapstick/comedic ones where weapons/items to hit with are likely to appear from some pocket dimension when required XD


"draw ctrl z draw ctrl z repeat for another 50 times"

doesn't everyone do this? It's why I don't do analogue art XD

Thank you Reeree!

Mm mm true. Though I guess sometimes I just feel really bad for the love interest when they get kicked and/or punched for just being nice/romantic or something like that

Pfffft no one can escape the hell that is the constant ctrl z in digital art

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