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RE: Cross-addressing cross-posting

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I really wish people were not creating functions to cross post in their apps. When we post we are being rewarded so in essence we are being paid for our work even if it isn't much. We are basically free lance writers for these sites. So as a free lance writer if you write a piece and say Forbes buys it, you can't sell that piece to the New Yorker the next week. Not unless you are in some type of syndication but then that is a whole different set of rule and are normally owned by the same company or leased by the company that bought the piece and lease it to be used by another company.
I personally don't like cross posting as I believe because of the reasons I stated above it is wrong, but also why would anyone come here if they can find the content on multiple platforms. It devalues every platform it is cross posted on IMO.


Well, while I can appreciate the stance, the reason behind your example is advertising revenue and the magazine saying that they own the content.

Historically, a freelancer was a mercenary who would fight for whoever paid them.

We aren't freelance writers, we are free-writers.

A free-writer has no rights if s/he publishes here?

A free-writer owns whatever they post. A Freelancer sells it to whoever pays.

You do have a valid point that we are not really freelance writers and more of free writers, but I think that every platform would be better off if people wrote content exclusive for the platform and instead of cross posting they cross-promoted.

One of the benefits of Steem is that there is content freedom however, people can go anywhere. All of these platforms are on Steem.

Wait I was talking about cross posting on other platforms that are not steem. I thought the Front ends no matter which one you used posted to the steem platform I guess I didn't realize it was cross posting across the front end. Since when did people even start to need that, mind you I rarely use other front ends and when I do it is because I can't access steemit then will use busy. I am not into all the different apps and front ends that others use. I am so old school.

Because communities were introduced and it is crossposting into communities, not necessarily the front ends.

Why would you need to if it all ends up on the same blockchain. Yeah this seems especially abusive of the rewards system even more so than cross.posting on different blockchains IMO.

Go and have a look at the cross-posts of @acidyo.
He is essentially giving the rewards he could easily take and a great deal of exposure to authors that might not get it otherwise. But hey, you do you :)

Oh, and use SteemPeak when viewing them, not

See I am also a little confused with the new changes I been busy with another project and have only half ass looked into them sonI should likely keep my opinions to myself till I can actually make an educated one with all the information

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