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RE: Cross-addressing cross-posting

in OCD7 months ago

Big accounts are naturally going to get more cross-posts from others.

I don't think this is the case, except from small accounts. I have found that the larger accounts using the feature tend to cross-post the work of others. Then there are curation communities like @ocd who are only going to reward cross-posts from others.

Perhaps a solution of funneling back the cross-post's rewards to the original post (like Resteeming does) would be helpful for creators like me.

Maybe, but I think that a better solution would be being able to resteem own posts into different communities, but only cross-post someone else.


I resteemed a post from a community into my own blog, that seemed to make a difference in visibility (and get me some downvotes from people who genuinely did not like the post!). It would be great to be able to resteem to communities.

I haven't cross-posted yet, but when I do, it will only be someone else's content. I think the resteem to communities will arrive soon enough. This is all a new thing and it is good to be able to see behavior before investing into design fully.


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