Steemit Voting Value Woes and Dust Votes

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As my follower count approaches 250, I’m finding that keeping my voting power up to a respectable level is more of a challenge each day.

I want to stretch out and meet more Steemians, but the more people I connect with and meet, the more up-votes I dish out, the more the power goes down, and the less I can give to everyone. It’s not cool really.



I can appreciate that it is hard work if you don’t have the slider, but it’s the same when you DO have it, and you need to spread the voting. I guess I will have to decrease the vote percentage on some of my up-votes, what else can I do?

Some people don’t up-vote comments, and some do. To not up-vote comments would go a long way to solving my problem, but I won’t do that. I feel it’s important to reward for good comments as much as a main article.

@appguy mention's in his article recently that he was happy that his full vote had reached $0.01, and he could give something back. Then he discovered that his vote was considered a ‘dust vote’ and was in fact, wasted.

He went on to mention that he will no longer up-vote comments but will focus his rewards on main article’s and add to other’s comments to make the cumulative value more than $0.02. It’s an interesting solution to the problem he has, and it may be valuable to others who are in his situation.

Another proposal to fix the ‘dust votes’ has been made here. If anyone feels they are wasting their vote because it is less than $0.03, then they should have a look at this.



I am fortunate enough that my full vote will always be more valuable than $0.02, unless the price of Steem suddenly plummets to near zero.

However, I can sympathise with @appguy and others that he feels he is not giving anything back, due to the way the current rewards system work.

I don’t think I have an answer to my problem.

Cut down the percentages?
Ignore Steemit for a few days?
Purchase some more Steem?

For now I will just have to do juggle the votes, so please understand if my vote level is a little lower than before, it’s just my way of trying to stem the flow.



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