Nuff respect shanibeer. Thanks for your honest and believable enlightenment. To be honest to you and all reggaesteemian there are a ton of stuffs to deal with. So I am waiting to hear or be convence in a way that would lead me in the direction that would be best for Reggaesteem and myself. Everything seems murky at this time for me as it relates to the different chains, reggaesteem, tourism in Jamaica, cannabis. I need business but I am afraid of crowd, the police came night before last night and asked me to close early, last night I close early. It is like a day by day assessment right now. No one know how long this will last. I personally is expecting it to last for a few months at lease and up to next year maybe. Closing now might be the best thing. Continue opening might be putting myself at risk... Thanks again I am going to read it again....

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It's very difficult, @miyard, so much to take in , so many challenges and such a lot of decisions to take. Here in the UK, the government has made some of those decisions for us: everyone who is able to do their job from home must stay at home. Pubs and bars were already closed, now it includes non-essential shops and outdoor gyms. Parks stay open, and people can leave home to take exercise.
So very difficult for small businesses, and you could be right, this situation could last for some time. As you say, it is a day by day assessment right now. Take care of you and yours.

Ooooo. I love the sound of your plans for a sojourn in Jamaica. Sounds idyllic and something to look forward to on the other side of these surreal times.

Once you've moved to Hive does that mean I will no longer see your posts. There's been so much information around I haven't taken it in. All the "holier than thou" stuff just makes me weary. From what I've read and from the way the witnesses have gone about it so far I'm not very hopeful that things will be different there. I hope I'm wrong and they start making decisions that truly put the community first.

Sending you are yours heaps of love on, what must be, an expecially challenging Mothers Day for you all. 💙

Hello @gillianpearce :) good to see you, hope all is as well as it can be.

I was pleased when I came up with the idea for a stay abroad. I feel like I've been coasting for quite a long time, and not really doing what I wanted to do (part of the problem was: what do I really want to do?). The longer time-frame will mean I can plan it better ... plus this current situation is forcing us to invest in (time and money) technology like video conferencing and that will be helpful when the time comes :)

You won't see my hive posts, no - unless you are on hive. I agree with you, it's like the first half hour of a jumble sale over there! I feel there is opportunity there but lots of work to be done. I'll be around here for a bit, there's reggaesteem, spinvest and needleworkmonday to consider. Meanwhile, on hive, I'm not posting my best stuff, it's fillers about Cornish pasties, until things settle down.

Oops, my alt account - can't keep track!

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it's fillers about Cornish pasties

I've actually done some very nice posts about cornish pasties in my time. In those heady, taken for granted days, when we were free to wander at will. 😊

I shall follow your journey on hive with interest. Is there a Steem Auto equivalent there yet? I'm assuming not but it would be worth me setting up some auto votes where there is. Might as well use the HP (is that what SP is called over there). Mind you I'm assuming I actually got air dropped some tokens. I haven't checked so who knows? 😁

I love Cornish pasties! I meant I'm not putting much of myself into posts right now :)

There's a Hive Auto in the works, I'll let you know when it's up and running.

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It's been a rather difficult time to come to terms with. I still haven't decided what I am going to do either. i haven't been active here on steem, but for good reason with everything that has transpired. There have been clearer days, but with cloudiness again comes sunlight. I hope to see and stay in touch with you in the future. I will be coming back as soon as I find myself here again. Reggaesteem has a place in my heart, just like Negril, Jamaica - maybe that's where I'll find you in a hideaway one of these days.


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