Hi rubencress,

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Thanks Curie Team, didn't expected this one!

Hello Ruben. I don't have any gem for what I can't appreciate. However, I read your enthusiasm and I am glad without knowing you. I hope you have a year of success, greetings @rubencress

Thank you for your kind words, I hope you will have a great year as well! With lots of gems ;-) may it be in posts, or true stones.


Hola @rubencress, estoy viendo tu arte, es realmente hermoso. Cuando fui joven tenía muchas de estas gemas. Amatistas, onix, pielázuli, granate. Pero pasa el tiempo y quedan guardadas. Realmente son piedras muy bellas.

Hi @rubencress, I'm seeing your art, it's really beautiful. When I was young I had many of these gems. Amethysts, onyx, pezázuli, garnet. But time passes and they are saved. They really are very beautiful stones.

Thank you, I'm glad that you like the photographs :)). I love onyx, have you studied about the workings of these stones? Or did you find them just beautiful enough to possess?

When I was young, I read their properties, I loved all that magical world that lives in them. But over time, I already forgot, but I still love the gem as such. and yes, I like photography although I don't dominate it.

Haha, same with me. But once you read about it again, it all comes back ;-), thanks for commenting on my blog. Appreciate it!

Hot damn Ruben.. these are just jaw dropping. Absolutely gorgeous my friend.

Thank you so much Justine! How have you been? I hope all is well on the other side on this little planet. How is your photography?

I’m good 🙂 just busy busy. Photography has been non existent lately but trying to get back into it.

Hope you’re well! Let’s catch up sometime.. discord.. telegram.. you know..On all the things 🤪

We should! I haven't been on Discord/Telegram for ages. But I can toss you my digits if you wanna text some time.

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Dude these are awesome. So cool that they were cut and polished by your grandpa as well. Crystals are so cool with how they capture and change light. Really hard to photograph well, these turned out absolutely exquisite! Much love

Thank you Carl! Oh yeah, they are absolutely mesmerizing, I placed some in the water after they have been sitting in a dusty box all these years. One started glowing blue, I'm still trying to figure out the name of it. Remind me to send you a short clip on DM of it.

Woa! Very cool. Nature's own abstract art. REALLY dig that motion graphic you made, too.

Thanks! hehe, when I saw the abstract artwork, I just had to create what I saw in my head :D

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