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in OCD3 years ago

Hola @rubencress, estoy viendo tu arte, es realmente hermoso. Cuando fui joven tenía muchas de estas gemas. Amatistas, onix, pielázuli, granate. Pero pasa el tiempo y quedan guardadas. Realmente son piedras muy bellas.

Hi @rubencress, I'm seeing your art, it's really beautiful. When I was young I had many of these gems. Amethysts, onyx, pezázuli, garnet. But time passes and they are saved. They really are very beautiful stones.


Thank you, I'm glad that you like the photographs :)). I love onyx, have you studied about the workings of these stones? Or did you find them just beautiful enough to possess?

When I was young, I read their properties, I loved all that magical world that lives in them. But over time, I already forgot, but I still love the gem as such. and yes, I like photography although I don't dominate it.

Haha, same with me. But once you read about it again, it all comes back ;-), thanks for commenting on my blog. Appreciate it!

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