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Hi there my Steemian friends and followers!

I was refreshing the trending page like crazy yesterday, impatiently awaiting what eventually showed up when I was already in the bed but I still managed to read the announcement as well as all those hundreds of comments that were mushrooming in the comment section on my phone, after which I got so excited and nervous that I could´t even sleep (again - thank you, Steem, for ruining my sleeping routine lately :D)

The post that I am talking about is this one, it´s the official introduction of the Hive blockchain, a place that is going to be the new home for our community (or least the majority of it).


Official logo of the Hive blockchain

You can find all the important info about the new blockchain and the transition in the post so let me just share my thoughts on it.

My very first reaction when @blocktrades released the news for the first time was just pure excitement and delight. It was like "all the drama, fear and uncertainty is finally over, we have a new, safe home". You can see this kind of feeling in my yesterday post too.

But then, nostalgia started to kick in. Steem has been my virtual home for almost 2.5 year and like I mentioned in most of my recent call-to-action and emergency posts, I have created a very strong bond with this place and leaving it will probably kind of hurt. With my nomadic lifestyle, I have moved countless times over the past years as I have lived in many different countries, places, apartments... but I have never moved to another blockchain so this is going to be a very new and interesting experience for me :)

From all those hundreds of comments that I have read so far, it is obvious that a vast majority (I would say 99%) is really excited about the move to Hive but I think some of the most dedicated Steem fighters like @theycallmedan and a bunch of other guys who have put absolutely enormous amounts of effort and energy in all those fights for Steem, might actually perceive leaving the old blockchain and moving to the new one as some kind of defeat or resignation and I would definitely hear them on this.

After all, however, the Steem blockchain will still be there and we don´t know what is going to happen with it. I expect a massive drop in the Steem price coming soon as users will be dumping their Steem after they get their new airdropped Hive Tokens so maybe Sun will try to keep the old chain alive somehow to prevent the total collapse of the Steem price since he still owns a lot of it... Who knows? :)

Anyway, what are your thoughts on this, guys? Are you excited about the move to Hive? Will it be easy for you or will you miss Steem and everything Steemian? Let me know in the comments below ;)


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Steem-it je nostalgie. Ale člověk nežije jen vzpomínkami. Potřebuje sny. A Úl bude jeden z nich ;-)
My se v něm neztratíme.


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Pravdu má tenhle Včelák podle vzoru Plzeňák! :D

Tak ňák ;-)

I feel very similar, but I think it's the best path forward!

see you on Hive :)

Yeah, seems like the best solution. The Justin thing could have taken many more tiring months... See you in the Hive ;)

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I still think a lot of information is missing,but one thing is certain, Justin can't be trusted. So... let's hope things evolve for the best!

Yeah, still a lot of uncertainty but I am like 90% excited and just 10% anxious right now :) See you in the Hive my friend!

Great, I am looking forward to it and hopefully we will continue with our cooperation.

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Absolutely man, see you in the Hive! :)

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